Tam Dao Foods to enjoy

Tam Dao Foods to enjoy

Tam Dao specialty - famous local dishes that you should try when doing your visit to Tam Dao mountains

Famous foods to try in Tam Dao

Long time as a tourist destinations for locals, Tam Dao is famous not only for its places of interest but also for its local foods that you can try when doing a trip to Tam Dao. Here are some famous dishes that you should enjoy in your Tam Dao Tour.

1. Chayote (Su su)

Su su is the most famous specialty of Tam Dao, you can see this vegetable planted at everywhere. They cover large area on mountainsides, at front of houses, in 2 sides of road into the town… Chayote at here is always green and has good resistance. People never use pesticides so they’re very clean and tasty.

Tam Dao Foods

Chayote can be cooked into many dishes: chayote tops are fried with beef or garlic, the fruit can be boiled and eaten with sesame or fish sauce-chili+garlic…

2. Hill chicken

Hill chicken is fed manually (on hillsides) so the meat is solid and very tasty. Hill chicken can be cooked into many dishes: fried with salt, stewed, baked,…

3. Man pig (lợn mán)

Man pig is also fed manually so very tasty meat. If you travel big group, about 10 people, you can book 1 pig from 6-8kg  with price about $15 for 1kg. From 1 pig, they will cook into all dishes as possible: fried, stewed, baked,… They can also organize for your group a campfire party.

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