Thac Ba Lake - a beautiful attraction worth your visit in Vietnam

Thac Ba Lake - a beautiful attraction worth your visit in Vietnam

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam's Northern Mountains? For the pristine beauty of lake & its islands " Halong bay on mountain", Thac Ba lake should be listed as the top place to explore in this trip....Let's have this article reviewed and plan your journey exploring the beauty of this lake........

Thac Ba Lake - a beauty spot should not be missed on your trip to Northwestern Vietnam.

Being considered as “ Halong bay on mountain” in Vietnam’s northwestern region, Thac Ba lake is charaterized by 1331 green islands emerging on calmly blue & clear water surface of the lake, reminding us about the pristine beauty of Halong bay thanks to its similarity in scenery to some extends.That is why Thac Ba is a place you should not be missed when doing a trip to the northwest of Vietnam : connecting with Sapa, Mu Cang Chai or Ha Giang.

Thuy Tien cave

The view of Thac Ba lake from Thuy Tien cave

Originally, the lake was feeding up with the water by Thac Ba & Thac Ong waterfalls ( those ones are no more existed on lake).That is the reason for its name Thac Ba lake (Lady waterfall lake).The name of Thac Ong ( Man waterfall) is named for a recently-built bridge crossing over Chay river in the region.

Thac Ba is one of three largest man-made lake in Vietnam, covering a total area of 23.400 ha, of which 19.05 ha is water area and the remaining 4.35ha of islets on the reservoir.The length of the lake is 80km, maximum width is 10km, the average depth is 15 - 25m and maximum depth is 42m.Thac Ba reservoir was created by the construction of a dam on Chay river to build up Thac Ba hydro - power plant ( the first one constructed in Vietnam) starting in 1964 till its completion in 1971.

In the middle of the mountain, the climate of Thac Ba reservoir is so fresh among the big surface of shimmering water reflecting a thousand islands seeming to be interminable.The important humidity and annual rainfall from 1700mm to 2000 mm make the vegetation very lush, luxuriant…

In this green & peaceful nature, the human mind will becomes more relaxed, especially when observing locals’simple lifestyle on the lake such as the image of a small fishing boat moving on the calm waters, the fisherman putting his traps at the end of the day or a house on stilts leaning on a mountainside...

Thac Ba lake is a less frequently-travelled destination with its pristinely natural beauty in Yen Bai province and surely promises you memorable travel experiences.Below are our share of top things to do in Thac Ba reservoir, you can get a reference and plan your coming trip to this destination.

Homstay view to the lake & rice field

Homestay view to the lake & rice fields

Top things to do when doing a trip to Thac Ba lake

1. Enjoy the sun setting down on Thac Ba lake.

The dusk is a beautiful time on this immense lake.The sun is on its weak sun rays sparkling on the lake’s water surface reflecting the islands - creating beautiful landscapes.And for the photographers, it will be a good chance for nice shots of the sun setting down on Thac Ba lake.The best time for the year to capture a perfect Thac Ba lake sunset is from June to September between 6h00 p.m and 6h30 p.m.

Sunset Thac Ba

The sunset on Thac Ba lake

2. Pay a visit to Thac Ba hydro-power station & its dam

Thac Ba hydro -power station is the first plant constructed in the north of Vietnam in 1964 & completed in 1971 with the support from Russian.During the construction, the plant was many times bombarded by the American in Vietnam wars, causing many deaths to the engeneers & workers at that time.The completion of that power plant did the main supply of the electricity to Hanoi capital & other region in the north of Vietnam.A visit to this plant is good to understand how hard it was for Vietnamese to build up this construction and to offer you chances to admire the majestic view of the lake & surrounding mountains.

Thac Ba hydro power station

Memorial temple in Thac Ba hydro-power plant

3. Doing a scenic boat tour to admire beautiful landscapes in the lake.

The lake is large with more than a thousand of forested islands on it so boat ride is a fantastic way to comtemplate its tranquility & pristine beauty with stops between for photos of islands, experiencing locals fishing by net on the lake or visiting beautiful caves on some of the islands.

Boat ride on Thac Ba

Boat ride to explore the lake

4. Climb Thuy Tien cave & its summit for a great panoramic view over surrounding islands.

In the boat ride to visit Thac Ba lake, it will be great to visit Thuy Tien cave ( with the guide’s story about the cave’s legend).Moreover, a climb to the fairy’s mountain ( on the top of the cave) offers you a beautiful captivation of isolated green islands on the lake.

Thuy Tien Cave

The scenic view from the top of Thuy Tien cave

5. Get a good sense of local culture by visiting & homstaying in a peaceful & rural Ngoi Tu village of friendly Dzao ethnics living beside the reservoir.

This lake is 180 km far from Hanoi & takes at least 3,5-4 hours to reach from Hanoi.It is our suggestion that you will do an overnight trip to this lake and spend your peaceful night in a local homestay in Vu Linh community of loca Dzao ethnic group.The homestay is basic but clean & good for your good insight of local cultures and tastes of delicious home-cooked dishes.

Vu Linh homestay-Thac Ba

Local homestay of Dzao Ethnic in Vu Linh Community

6. Conquer Cao Dien summit- the highest peak in Thac Ba mountain ranges for a great captivation of “Halong bay on mountain”

If you love adventure, we recommend you an adventure trek ( 3.5 hours) on the trails through the forest to conquer Cao Bien peak - the highest point in Thac Ba mountain range.Once you are at the top point, it is really breathtaking to capture a panoramic view to Thac Ba lake & its green islands.

Cao Bien trekking view

Explore Thac Ba lake’s beauty with Golden Holiday Travel.

As a fully- licensed tour operator in Vietnam, Golden Holiday Travel try our best to provide as much information as possible about the destination for travellers planning the trip to Vietnam.We hope that this article about Thac Ba lake is helpful for your coming trip to this reservoir.In need of travel support : trip to Thac Ba lake or Thac Ba travel information, feel free to email us to or contact us at +84.988451530 (viber, whatsapp), our travel consultants will promply reply you back with the suitable travel itinerary & its offered qoutation within 12 hours.

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