Tho Ha pottery village - a great way to understand the village culture & people

Tho Ha pottery village - a great way to understand the village culture & people

Tho Ha village is a nice place to trace back the typical village symbols such as the banyan tree, the communal house and the village gates, where are interesting to meet friendly locals, to see their beautiful house walls and to experience the process of making rice papers.....

Traditional Tho Ha pottery village in the past and at present

Tho Ha pottery village was like a flat peninsula reclaimed and surrounded by Cau river in Bac Giang province.The only way to reach the village is by getting on a local ferry from Bac Ninh province side and in five minute ferry transfer, you get to the village center.In the past,the same as Phu Lang ceramics in Bac Ninh, Bat Trang ceramics in Hanoi, Tho Ha was also a very famous center for its pottery production.Local people in the village used to live very well on this bussiness – producing Gốm Sành (Pottery without glaze fired with dry grass, and then firewood and coal).

Tho Ha pottery village -ferry

Ferry to cross Cau river to Tho Ha village

However,since the late 1970s, locals have stopped making terracotta products due to the decrease of the market’s demands in their products, and now you can only see the pottery relics in the walls of their houses.When ceramics production could not earn them a living, locals have flexibly turned into making other handicrafts better to meet the markets and therefore increase their living standard.The main income of the village now comes from making rice paper for sping rolls, pancakes and husbandry. Trip to Tho Ha village, you can meet friendly and hospitable locals, see how rice paper is made in any family of the village, and have nice photos of typical houses with its special walls made of terracotta vases,broken coffins or other terracotta products .These are typical wall houses that make Tho Ha pottery village unique among all other villages on the Red River Delta.

Tho Ha pottery village -rice paper making

Rice paper making in Tho Ha village

What to visit in Tho Ha pottery village?

Visiting Tho Ha traditional village is a nice way to get away from the city’s noise and experience the life of local villagers by visiting their authentic local market, the intact 500 year old pagoda, the impressive communal house, the village gate, the banyan tree – the village’s typical symbols which are well-preserved by locals here . And it is also a peace of mind walking along the small alleys in the village to witness their daily life, the unique terracotta walls of their houses, their handicraft making of rice paper, having talks with them or joining them in the production process for your lifetime experience.

Tho Ha pottery village-the gate

The village gate in Tho Ha

How to get to Tho Ha pottery village?

Tho Ha Pottery village is 50km far from Hanoi, located in Bac Giang province.It takes you one hour drive from Hanoi, following the old highway number 1A to Bac Ninh city, then turn left at the T-junction of Bac Ninh bus station in about 1,5km along Cau river bank, you then reach the ferry station crossing Cau river to Tho Ha village.

For a better organized trip, you can take part in a private tour to Tho Ha village from Hanoi with all travel services of transfer, tourguide,entrance fees, lunch combined, then you just enjoy your comfortable and relaxed excursion with the guide’s interesting introduction & his good care.

Tho Ha Pottery Village-with local

Photo with local in Tho Ha village

However, many of you would like to arrange your trip to Tho Ha village yourselves.The cheapest way is to catch a local public bus number 54 at Long Bien bus station in Hanoi to Bac Ninh city, then take a taxi or motorbike in 1,5 km to Tho Ha village.Adventurously, you can rent a motorbike and travel directly from Hanoi to Tho Ha village.For your comfort & flexibility, you can hire a private car with driver to Tho Ha village in a day basis.

Tho Ha pottery village- house walls

House built from terracota broken products

At Golden Holiday Travel, we supply the services of private guided tour or tourguide or private car rental with driver to Tho Ha pottery village with our best offers and our useful consultancy for your trip of lifetime experiences in Tho Ha village.In need of our support or travel services, feel free to drop us an email to or viber us at +84.988451530 ( Mr Ban), our team are more than happy to process your request and promptly feedback you with the updated information & qoutation. We wish you exciting experiences in Tho Ha ceramic village.

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