Tien Son Dinh, the Fairy Mountain Peak of breathtaking scenery worth your visit in Phu Quoc island

Tien Son Dinh, the Fairy Mountain Peak of breathtaking scenery worth your visit in Phu Quoc island

Are you planning a trip to Phu Quoc island - Vietnam? You love natural landscapes & non - touristic places? Let's try your adventure hike to conquer Tien Son Dinh ( Fairy Mountain Peak) - one of the highest point in Phu Quoc island, where you can capture stunning scenery of forest, surrounding mountains, beachsides & sea.....Let's come & experience.....

Tien Son Dinh ( Fairy Mountain Summit) - Phu Quoc island

Tien Son Summit is a lesser known tourist attraction in Phu Quoc island not only to international travellers but also to local people. From this peak, you can have an impressive captivation of mountains & seaside in southern Phu Quoc island.

Tien Son Dinh

The view from the summit of Tien Son Dinh

For a long time, local people have called this summit Tien Son Dinh directly translated as Fairy Mountain Peak due to an old story.

The story told that there was a very gentle and kind old man who lived in a cave on the top of this mountain. He planted bananas in the forest & lived a life of a monk. Locals in the area rarely saw him coming down the mountain.If he needed food, he would carry a load of firewood down the mountain, left it there and returned. People would bring food and left it there and got firewood touse. He recieved whatever people exchange for and didn't care much about. People here did not know what his name was and they called him Mr. Dao Dun.

After a long time, people no longer saw Mr. Dun coming down the mountain. They immediately followed the trail to the cave, where they saw that Mr. Dao Dun had long died. They believed that he had become a fairy ---> That is the reason for the name of the peak.

Tien Son Dinh- Phu Quoc

In fact, his name was Tong Van Nam from Long Ho, Vinh Long. He went to the mountain to meditate and died there. Right at the top of this mountain there is a grave. It is said that before he died he built it himself so that after he died he would lie in it .

His son also went up this mountain to find his father's grave. He asked his family after his death to cremate and bring his ashes to be buried near Mr Dun's grave. Currently on the top of the mountain there are two tombs of Mr. Dun's father and son.

Trekking trails to conquer Tien Son Dinh - Phu Quoc

Tien Son Peak at 565 metters high is about 10km far from Phu Quoc city's center, you can easily get there by private car or motorbike. You just turn on google map & search for Tien Son Dinh Cafe, where you can send your vehicle & get some waters ready for 3 hour trek up & down ahead.

Cafe Tien Son Dinh

The entrance for the trekking route to Tien Son Dinh

From Tien Son Dinh cafe,you walk past the cafe to the back yard, which lies a patch of grassy farmland. You keep heading straight up into the jungle & see the signal to show you the entrance to go up.

The first part of the trail is quite easy with some ascends, then it comes with other trails which may make you confused & get lost if not following the right one ( we got that problem & could not find out the route to continue.Then we turned on google map & had to come back the T- junction, where we found the showing signal - the route recently covered by a big tree fell down, we just made a round turn over the fallen tree & got to the trails up & up).

Signal to show you the way to go up

Then the trails become steeper & steeper but with some wooden ladders, sticks & roping system done by locals, you can slowly do with effort to conquer the summit finally & be rewarded with wonderful view of surrounding mountains, valleys, seasides & Phu Quoc international airport.

Our trek to conquer Tien Son summit

Ideal time to visit Tien Son Dinh & Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is the largest and most famous island for wonderful beach vacations in Vietnam.Being a tropical island near the equator and located in the Gulf of Thailand, Phu Quoc has quite different climatic features.The island has two seasons : dry & rainy seasons

The dry season lasts from November to May, the weather is dry, warm & blue sky, the waves are not too tense, which is ideal time for swimming on beautiful beaches or hiking aventure in Phu Quoc national park or trekking to conquer Tien Son peak.

Phu Quoc island - sunset

Sunset in Phu Quoc island

The rainy season often comes between June and October, when the island receive the monsoon West - Southwest with high air huminity. Travelling to Phu Quoc island during this time, you may encounter sudden rains, strong winds, and sometimes typhoons ( July to September), which may lead to the cancellation of your flights or ferries connecting with this island.

We have just shared about Tien Son Dinh ( fairy mountain peak), the trails to trek & ideal time to visit this peak as well Phu Quoc island for your best experiences. In need of travel consultancy or travel service of Phu Quoc tour package, feel free to contact us at +84.988451530 (whatsapp) or email us to goldenholidaytravel.vn@gmail.com, we are pleased to support you !

See you in Phu Quoc Island - Vietnam !

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