Top 10 reasons to visit Vietnam

Top 10 reasons to visit Vietnam

You are planning a family holiday and would love to spend it oversea? There are many countries of your choice appearing in your mind and hard to sort it out.Hopefully, Vietnam is one on your prioritized list.Please, read "top 10 reasons to visit Vietnam" and strengthen your choice selecting Vietnam as your destination for you & your family......

Why Vietnam & top 10 reasons to visit Vietnam?

Right after ending the wars with United States, Vietnam gained its independence & reunification between the North & the South, continued to its commumist ways in the whole country and reconstructed the nation steps by steps.In 1986, Vietnam carried out its Doi Moi or Renovation Policy to develop its econony;and really opened its border to the world to promote international trades & tourism in 1994 - all of those policies have brought a rapid development to Vietnam's economy in general as well as Vietnamese people's life in particular.Travelling to Vietnam is a new trending choice in Asia among oversea travellers now.Why travelling to Vietnam?Vietnam is a safe & friendly tourist destination, flexible visa policies to enter (no need to prove your income...) , incredible landscapes, eventful history or friendly people....

reasons to visit Vietnam- breathtaking landcapes

Stunning rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai - Vietnam

There are so many reasons to visit Vietnam and below are our selected 10 reasons why you should choose Vietnam for your coming holidays.Your Vietnam Holidays will be full with fascinating travel experiences while exploring the beauty of Vietnam.

1.Admire Halong bay's beauty - The World's New 7 Natural Wonders.

Halong bay is the top must-visited place in Vietnam and one of the top reasons why visitors do their trip to Vietnam.The bay is featured with thousands of limestone karsts and islets in various shapes and sizes on emerald sea water. Halong Bay is a center of a larger zone which includes Bai Tu Long Bay to the northeast, and Cat Ba Island to the southwest. These larger zones share a similar geological, geographical, geomorphological, climate and cultural characters.Thanks to its geological values & beautiful seascapes, Halong bay was twice recognized as UNESCO's natural heritages in 1994 & in 2000 and was chosen as a New 7 Natural Wonders of The World in 2012.Travelling to Vietnam, it will be a big miss if you could not do a visit to Halong bay, leisurely floating on cruise (day or overnight cruise) to admire magnificient seacapes of limestone pillars, exploring naturally hidden caves inside those karst islands and experiencing authentic life of local fishermen living on remote fishing villages dotted around the bay.Overnight on Halong bay cruises will be long-lasting & memorable travel experiences on your Vietnam Holidays.

Halong bay- top reason to visit Vietnam

The view of Bai Tu Long bay from Thien Canh Son cave

2.Vietnam-the home of 8 UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Have you ever known that Vietnam is the home to 8 UNESCO Heritage Sites? Those natural & cultural heritages are located scatteredly throughout the length of the country such as Halong bay, Trang An Scenic Landscapes, Thang Long Royal Citadels, Phong Nha- Ke Bang national park, Ho Dynasty's royal citadels, Complex of Hue monuments, Hoi An ancient town & My Son Holly Land, which really affirm that Vietnam is a country of long-lasting cultures, ancient architectures & beautiful natural landscapes.Trips to Vietnam, you can expose yourselves to impressively natural landscapes of those natural heritages : leisure boat riding along fairylike landscapes & sneaking thru the hidden caves in Trang An or embark on adventure trek to explore Son Doong grotto - the world's biggest cave in Phong Nha- Ke Bang national park.Or a visit to Vietnam's cultural heritages, you will get to know Vietnam's cultural diversities, ancient architectures & its historical values reflected clearly on those cultural heritages.Exploration of Vietnam's UNESCO heritage sites is surely a sensible reason for your visit Vietnam, right?

Landscape- top-reasons to visit Vietnam

Trang An scenic boar ride thru the cave

3.Vietnam's off-the-beaten-path destinations of untouched & breathtaking landscapes.

Unlike touristy Thailand, Vietnam is quite a new travel destination of countless unspoiled natural sceneries for travellers to explore.Besides famous sites of UNESCO heritages, you can expect to visit beautiful places of untouched & natural landscapes : breathtaking mountainscapes, stunning rice terraces & majestic waterfalls in far Northern Mountain Vietnam or in Central Highland Vietnam; or rustic sceneries in Mekong River Delta Vietnam - all are still in primitive & less touristic states awaiting for many revisits back to Vietnam because one trip is never enough to capture all the best which Vietnam can offer.If you are fond of majestic mountains & adventure treks,we highly recommend you a visit to Dong Van Geopark, Ban Gioc waterfall, Ba Be lake, Bac Son valley, Sapa, Mu Cang Chai, Mai Chau, Pu Luong......

Hoang Su Phi mountainscapes

Hoang Su Phi mountain at sunrise

4.Friendly & hospitable Vietnamese.

According to many travellers, Vietnamese are really friendly by nature. They are willing to help you without expecting anything in return.Many of our clients doing Vietnam holidays with Golden Holiday Travel sent us back their trip experiences highlighting their deep impression on Vietnamese people's friendliness & hospitality.During your Vietnam trip, you are warmly welcomed by local families from the North to the South, you will be invited a cup of tea or rice wine and have a talk with them.In our culture, it is normal to know about the ages & job of eachother so they may ask you those questions as well to know more about you as friends.Ethnic minority people in Sapa especially always consider you as a friend, even if you are on your first visit to their home with a local guide. People in Hue are royal-like in attitude but welcoming, while Hoi An people are known as honest. Local farmers in the Mekong Delta always welcome you to their families with enthusiastic smiles.

Red Dao ethnic - Hoang Su Phi

Friendly Red Dzao in Hoang Su Phi family

5.Cultural diversities of ethnic minority groups.

Vietnam's pupulation is about 94 million people including 54 ethnic groups altogether.Viet or Kinh group is the main one,accounting for 86% of the whole population and living mainly along the coastal area or flat detlas. Meanwhile, the rest of 14% are 53 ethnic minorities living scatteredly on mountainous regions in Northern or Central Highlands of Vietnam.Travelling to Vietnam's Northern Mountains such as Mai Chau, Pu Luong, Sapa, Ha Giang... you can visit their tranquil villages and experience their daily life.Most of them still live their traditional ways on stilted house, dress uniquely colorful dresses and keep their culture well so homestaying in a local family & tasting their home-cooked meals will be a great way to interact with locals and get more sense of their traditions.For more insights of local communities, you should arrange your trip well to join in weekly highland markets of local ethnics or participate in special festivals in the region......

Mu Cang Chai - black Hmong

Black Hmong in Mu Cang Chai

6.Vietnam's long & eventful history.

As a small country bordering with China and in the center of South East Asia, Vietnam history is dated back to 4000 years ago with Van Lang state led by Hung dynasty locating the capital in mountainous Lam Thao district - Phu Tho province, continued by the King An Duong Vuong to move the country's capital to Dong Anh area ( a part of Red River Delta, near present Hanoi).The ancient vestiges are still available to now for us to learn about in Hung King's temple or Co Loa temple nearby Hanoi city.

Next to China, Vietnam was ever 1000 years under Chinese domination, got the complete freedom from China in 938 and developed its cultures, education & economy in Dinh, Ly, Tran, Le, Nguyen.....Trip to Vietnam, you can visit many historical sites of this time such as Hanoi Old Quarter, Thang Long Imperial Citatel, Temple of Literature, Complex of Hue monuments.....

Then Vietnam was  almost 100 year under French occupation and regained its independence in 1954 by victorious Dien Bien Phu battle.The country was divided into the North & the South after Geneva Agreement and continued the 20 year struggles against United States for a reunited Vietnam.Indeed,they are bloody wars and big losses for any sides but it was part of our eventful history.Travel to Vietnam, you can explore typical historical sites related to those wars such as Cu Chi tunnels, Ho Chi Minh Complexs, War Ramnants, Hoa Lo prison, Vinh Moc tunnel........which will detailed illustratedly thru tourguides' informative stories

Thong Nhat palace- HCMC

7.Delicious & healthy foods in Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisines are full of colors and flavors, even one of the best cuisine in the world.Travelling to Vietnam, visitors love to try such famous dishes as Pho and Banh Mi, Spring Rolls....Those dishes are best tasted in Hanoi's family restaurants.Other places are famous for their own special dishes as well like: Quang noodle, Cao Lau in Hoi An, Squid Rolls & sea foods in Halong bay.......Vietnamese dishes are various, plentiful and easy to meet your demands.Before try any local specialty, you can reference people' s reviews about the local restaurants, then decide whether to choose that restaurant or not. Sometimes, the restaurants are not listed on the tripadvisor, but when you reach the restaurant, you see many clients the resturant is serving - it means good food in locally family-mannered services ( look humble but truly authentic local foods)

Local foods - Vietnam

Authentic local dishes - Vietnam

8.Vietnam's affordable cost.

Mentioning about budget travelling, the cost of living in Vietnam is cheaper than other Asian countries.You can get a glass of beer at 1/2 usd or a bowl of beef or chicken noodle soup at 1.5 usd at a local restaurant.You are on a long-time holiday in Vietnam and would love to save the travel cost, travelling on local buses or train, homestaying overnight in local family or just guess house ( overnight cost is about 10usd/1 night without breakfast) are essential for budget travellers.

On the case of 5 star hotel, the cost of standard room is as low as the same one in a 3 star hotel in Singapore or Tokyo.Thinking about the cost differences between the countries, Vietnam's affordable cost could be another reason to visit Vietnam.

Ninh Binh boat ride

Wedding photo in Trang An boat ride - Ninh Binh

9.World-famed beautiful beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam has a coastal line of over 3,500 km and a paradise of many world-famed beautiful beaches such as My Khe beach in Danang city, Nha Trang beaches, Mui Ne beaches, white sandy beaches in Con Dao & Phu Quoc islands.Those beaches are quite nice for beach break vacation, you can have good relaxed time swimming or sunbathing to relieve all the stress of your day-to-day work away.You can book a hideaway vacation on tranquil resorts with private beaches in Danang or Nha Trang and leisurely take part in water-fun activities there, it is really a high-ending & comfortable escape.If you are the fan of leisure beach breaks, Vietnam should be listed as your top choice.

Beach in Mu Ne

Desserted beach in Mu Ne

10.Vietnam is a good gateaway to visit South East Asia Countries.

You fly a long journey to Vietnam and you would love to visit other countries in the region as well, right? Our long country of Vietnam has different international airports in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Danang, Nha Trang, Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh city with direct flights connecting to Lao, Combodia, Thailand, Myanmar.... in 2 hour flights.Alternative way is by the road journey, you can approach Lao & Cambodia from Vietnam border gates.You can check the airline routes or border areas to connect Vietnam with the countries you intended to visit for your expected holiday.

Con Dao island - view to Con Son bay

Con Son bay - Con Dao island

Explore Vietnam with Golden Holiday Travel.

Above are our local shares on top 10 reasons to visit Vietnam and we hope that those reasons will fascinate you about Vietnam and make a plan for your coming vacation to Vietnam.In need of local support of Vietnam Holiday Packages or Vietnam car rental service, do not hesitage to email us to or contact us directly by +84.988451530 (whatsapp, viber), our travel experts will reply you back with useful suggestions and consultancy for your good trip in Vietnam.

See you in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Golden Holiday Travel Team

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