Top 10 things to do when travelling to Cat Ba Island

Top 10 things to do when travelling to Cat Ba Island

Are you interested in beaches, pristine bay & national park? You can get all of those on a trip to visit Cat Ba islands which we would love to share you its essential things to do when travelling to Cat Ba islands : activities to join in, places to visit........

Top 10 things to do when you are planning a trip to Cat Ba island

As a part of the world-famed Halong bay, but Cat Ba island administratively belongs to Hai Phong city and is the largest island in Halong bay - Vietnam.Cat Ba area spans around 260 sq km including 367 islands that makes up the Cat Ba Archipelago.The topography is made up of sheltered bays dotted along sweeping coastlines with lush green forest flowing over steep hills and valleys - a beautifully hidden gem for your memorable trips with leisure & interesting activities.Below are top 10 things to do when travelling to Cat Ba island, we would love to recommend to you to take part in this article.

Lan Ha bay- Cat Ba island

Sunsetting down the view form Cannon Fort

1.Cruise to admire the beauty of Lan Ha bay.

Compare with over-exploited & touristy Halong bay, Lan Ha bay is more untouched & pristine with its beautiful forested limestone islands emerging on the emerald water, creating beautiful seascapes that you can best view from the cruises.The calm bay of gorgeous islands is dotted with white sandy beaches, fishing villages & water hidden-tunnel caves, swimming or kayaking surely offers you chances to be close to the natures.Take your own adventure on a shared-kayak with your partner is a nice way to explore the hidden caves or floating villages on the bay.Leisure swimming on fresh & cool sea water on those desserted beaches or jumping from the cruise to the sea are awesome to refresh yourselves on sweating summer days.If lucky enough, on Lan Ha bay cruises, you can admire special Cat Ba langurs (often known as the golden-headed langur, which is among the rarest primates in the world, and possibly the rarest primate in Asia with a population size estimated at less than 70 individuals) naturally playing around on forested islands in Lan Ha bay.Lan Ha bay cruise is surely a first thing to do when travelling to Cat Ba island.

You can take day cruises or overnight Lan Ha bay cruises departing daily from Cai Beo Pier ( in Cat Ba town) or Got harbour ( in Hai Phong city) for your journey to admire Lan Ha bay's beauty.

Lan Ha bay cruise

Lan Ha bay view of mountain & floating village

2.Awesome cycling across Cat Ba national park to visit Viet Hai fishing village.

Viet Hai is a small fishing village nested & covered by high mountain ranges of Cat Ba national park.In the past,locals mainly lived on fishing on the sea and mostly separated from the outside world.In recent years, since the recognition of Cat Ba Archipelago as the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, thousands of tourists have trekked through the mountains, jungles, springs to visit this unique village.Doing Lan Ha bay cruise, it will be a big fun doing a healthy bike on trails along the core area of Cat Ba national park and get a touch to this rustic fishing village meeting local friendly local fishermen.

Viet Hai village - biking

3.Adventure treks thru Cat Ba tropical forest & conquer its remarkable peaks of Hai Quan & Ngu Lam.

Do you love the natural landscapes, wild life & the mountain conqueration? If yes, Cat Ba national park will be a great choice for your adventure.For a soft & easy trek, you can take part in a 2 hour trek to visit Kim Giao forest & conquer Ngu Lam peak, moderate with some rock climbing, then you can have an impressive captivation of Cat Ba national park & its Lan Ha bay. For a hard & adventurous trek, you can join in a long trek of 12km across the jungle to reach Viet Hai fishing village, then conquer Hai Quan summit, where you can have an outstanding capture of Lan Ha & Halong bay.This trekking route has no people living and you have to go with an experienced tour guide who will leads you go through a frog lake.

Cat Ba island view from Ngu Lam peak

4.Kayaking to explore the hidden caves nested on limestone pillars in Lan Ha bay.

Lan Ha bay is pristinely beautiful with untouched limestone pillars & numerous water hidden tunnel caves.From Lan Ha bay cruise, you can get a kayak and paddle around the hidden corners of Lan Ha bay, visiting a number of floating fishing villages or explore the hidden-tunnel caves dotted around in Lan Ha bay.For the safety, it is warned to put the life-jacket on, not jumping from kayak to the sea and to have a local guide along your journey in case of getting lost in the middle of nowhere.

Kayaking in Lan Ha bay

5.Leisure swimming on beautifully white sandy beaches dotted around Lan Ha bay & Cat Ba island.

Beside the adventure treks in national park, Cat Ba island is also a wonderful place for your leisure Vietnam Holidays.Cat Ba islands are bestowed with many naturally sandy beaches on Lan Ha bay as well as in Cat Ba town to name a few as : Van Boi, Ba Trai Dao, Dao Khi, Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, Cat Co 3......You can do Lan Ha bay cruises with stops to play around on those beaches or book your stays in resorts setting next to the beaches, then you can leisurely enjoy the sound of the waves & winds coming from the sea.

Beach in Cat Ba island

6.Romantic walks along scenic lanes between Cat Co beaches & have beautiful pictures of Lan Ha bay.

Are you travelling with your lovers and love to have a romantic walks in Cat Ba island? The peaceful & scenic lanes along the coast between Cat Co beaches in Cat Ba town are really beautifully facing to Lan Ha bay, it will be a memorable walk for you to admire fishing villages, Cat Co beaches, the sea & Lan Ha bay. 

Lan Ha bay - Cat Ba island

7.Visit the Cannon Fort and capture picturesque landscapes of sunsetting down on Lan Ha bay.

Cannon Fort is a historic highlight in Cat Ba island recently open to the public.It sits atop a hill with an elevation of 177m from sea level, including the cannons on the battlefield of tunnel system, trench fortifications built in the 1940s of the 20th century, which were used by Vietnamese Army & Cat Ba people in two fierce wars against France and the United States, contributing up to the brilliant victories of Vietnam.

A visit to Cannon Fort, visitors will understand the importance of this fortress to our country's defense.At its high point 177, you can expose your immense captures of Lan Ha bay & Cat Ba town.Cannon Fort is recommended as a good place to admire beautiful landscapes of sunsetting down on Lan Ha bay......

Sunset at Cannon Fort - Cat Ba

8.Discover the hospital cave used for the army officiers during Vietnam- American wars.

The bombarments during Vietnam- American wars were very destructive & killing.As an important army base, Vietnamese army did use a cave as a hiding & hospital in the war time since 1963 till 1975, leading to its name : Quan Y or Hospital Cave.This vestige contains a lot of historical significances, as it served both as a secret, bomb-proof hospital during the American War and as a safe house for VC leaders.Trips to Cat Ba island, you can do a visit to this historical cave, getting to know more about the hard life of Vietnamese when struggling against the United States.

Cat Ba ilsnad - Quan Y cave

9.Visit Cai Beo fishing village-the most ancient one in Vietnam

Cai Beo fishing village is one of the famous ancient village in the country's largest prehistoric time dated back to 7000 years ago.The village is nested admist islands which provide the natural protection to the village from the typhoon annually.There are about 300 houses living mainly by fishing and seafood farming.Trips to Cat Ba island, you can take a taxi to Cai Beo pier, then get a rowing boat ride to go around this beautiful village among geogous islands, interact with locals & get to know about their unique fishing cultures,their life on water & their ancient cultures.

Cai Beo Floating village - Cat Ba island

10.Taste delicious fresh seafoods in Cat Ba islands.

As an island on the bay, Cat Ba island is famous for its fresh sea foods daily catching by local fishermen. You can try those sea foods out different restaurants in Cat Ba town or go to floating village buying the seafood on cages, they will prepare and cook it for you.The seafood here is fresh and tasty, so give it a try with a few cans of beers...

Cat ba island floating restaurant

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Just in short distance from the mainlands of Halong city & Hai Phong, Cat Ba island is easier & more convenient to reach thanks to several ferry routes. Planning a trip to Cat Ba by bus or private car, this writing of convenient ferry routes will be supportive for your coming journey to Cat Ba island.....
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