Top 12 places to visit in Sapa

Top 12 places to visit in Sapa

You are first time travelling to Sapa? There are many beautiful attractions in Sapa but you do not know what to visit? In this article, we would love to share you top 12 tourist attractions in Sapa.Please, get it reviewed for the details and choose the places of interest for your coming trip in Sapa.....

Sapa and its top 12 places not to be missed when travelling to Sapa

Sapa is a very famous tourist destination in Vietnam travel map that every tourist travelling to Vietnam would put Sapa into their checklists & travel itinerary.Sapa is appealing not only for its pristine beauty of nature, but also for its rich cultural values of ethnic groups.At the height of 1500 to 1650 metters high compared to the sea level, Sapa's climate is temperate and ideal for relaxed holidays.Travelling to Sapa,you can admire beautiful sceneries of magnificient mountainscapes & picturesque rice stepped fields; and take part in interesting outdoor activities of trekking, mountain climbing or biking down the valley - getting to know locals' daily life & their cultures.If you are planning a trip to Sapa, below list of top 12 places to visit in Sapa could be a good reference for you to consider.

Muong Hoa valley- Sapa

Scenic Muong Hoa valley of tranquil villages & rice terraces

1.Muong Hoa valley - a scenic place of stunning terraced rice fields & tranquil villages.

As a vast valley of green farmland, lying between two parallel mountain ranges of Hoang Lien national park, Muong Hoa valley is the main living place of many ethnic minorities in Sapa such as Tay, Dzay, Black Hmong, Red Dzao.., who have lived here for ages.To adapt with the natural conditions of mountainous regions, they have levelled the hills into stepped fields for rice production.Aslo, living in remote villages ( not much influenced by the modern life), local tribes still remain their traditional cultures & customs intactly.Trip to Sapa, it is advisable to do some hiking in Muong Hoa valley, have good shots of beautiful rice stepped fields and get to know unique cultures of friendly ethnic minorities there.Muong Hoa valley is regarded as one of top places to visit in Sapa if you love Sapa trekking tours.You can do a half day hike,a full day trek or 2-3 day trek down the valley with homestays in such local villages in Muong Hoa valley as :Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Van, Giang Ta Chai, Ban Ho, Thanh Phu, Nam Cang, Nam Nhieu with suggested trekking routes as follow :

A half day trekking routes : Y Linh Ho - Lao Chai villages; Lao Chai - Lao Chai villages; Ta Van - Giang Ta Chai villages.

A full day trekking routes : Y Linh Ho - Lao Chai - Ta Van villages, Lao Chai - Ta Van - Giang Ta Chai villages, Nam Cang - Nam Nhieu villages, Ban Ho - Thanh Phu villages.

Or you can connect those villages to make a 2-3 day trekking tour routes.All those trekking routes are suggested to do with a local tourguide for your best exploration of the valley.

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Trekking Muong Hoa valley

Hiking around the villages in Muong Hoa valley

2.Cat Cat - Sin Chai villages of Black Hmong Ethnics.

Cat Cat - Sin Chai villages are quite close to Sapa town, in walking distance.While Cat Cat village is touristy with trekking route down the steps to view Cat Cat village of Black Hmong ( the oldest village in Sapa region, you can view locals' traditional houses, their weaving & dyeing practices, then view Cat Cat waterfall & rice terraces down the valley), Sin Chai village of Black Hmong on another way is less touristic & more authentic. You can visit Cat Cat - Sin Chai villages in a full day hike from Sapa town.

Sin Chai village - Sapa

The rice terrace valley down Sin Chai village

3.Ta Phin Village of Red Dzao & Black Hmong hill tribes.

Ta Phin village is located in another corner of Hoang Lien mountain ranges, 17 km far from Sapa town and less touristy than Muong Hoa valley.The village is surrounded by high mountains and the home of some hamlets of Black Hmong & Red Dzao people.A visit to Ta Phin village, you can take part on a leisure hike thru Ta Phin valley for nice sceneries, experience the daily life of Black Hmong & Red Dzao & see their tribal cultures in difference, visit Ta Phin cave as well as witness how the hand-made products of brocades are woven by skilful locals...

Ta Phin village- Sapa

The valley of Ta Phin village & rice terraces

4.Ta Giang Phin village, a lesser known place among travellers to Sapa.

Ta Giang Phin village is 25 km far from Sapa, in Ta Giang Phin valley, the home of many Hmong hamlets.The valley is characterized by scenic streams, cable-stayed bridge connecting small hamlets, rice terraces, rustic & rural hamlets, and gorgeous mountains.The good thing is that this village is still lesser known among travellers to Sapa and worth as the top untouched places to visit in Sapa.A day trek to Ta Giang Phin will offer you chances to interact with friendly locals, get sense of their authentic daily life and captivate beautiful landccapes of mountains, valleys & poetic villages.You can connect a trek to Ta Giang Phin village with a visit to Muong Hum weekly market (on Sunday) or Tram Ton Heaven Gate & Love Waterfall on a day trip from Sapa. 

Ta Giang Phin - sapa

5.Fansipan Peak - The roof of Indochina.

Fansipan is the highest peak in Hoang Lien mountain range, at the height of 3,143 metter high, the top point in Vietnam & Indochina so we normally call Pansipan "The Roof Of Indochina".Fansipan Peak Conqueration is really an inspiring challenge for any adventure trekkers.You can take part in a full day trek or 2-3 day treks ( different routes) along Hoang Lien national park with experienced tourguide & local tour operators for Fansipan Peak Adventure Trek.Mentioning about adventure trek routes, Fansipan Mount is top place to visit & conquer in Sapa.

If you are not good at trekking, you can easily conquer Fansipan Summit now by Cable Car Systems which was put into operation in early 2016, which have brought chances to touch Fansipan Summit to any travellers travelling to Sapa.

Fansipan virew - Sapa

6.Tram Ton Heaven Gate - Awesome view of O Qui Ho Pass & Hoang Lien moutain range.

Tram Ton Heaven Gate is the highest point of imposing O Qui Ho Pass - one of the most challenging pass in Vietnam.Tram Ton Pass is the bordering place between Sa Pa and Lai Chau, really a ideal viewpoint to capture outstanding mountainscapes of Hoang Lien Mountain Ranges,Snaking Roads down O Qui Ho Pass.From there,especially on clear days, you can freely admire the "Roof of Indochina" - Mount Fansipan peak with a lush green forest.Recently, Tram Ton Pass is built up with safe fences, nice view point, pagoda, roads to go down Ancient Stone Site & Suoi Vang waterfall- all those which promise a beautiful place for your hanging around Sapa.You can arrange your time to enjoy the sun setting down in Tram Ton Heaven Gate.

Tram Ton Heaven Gate - sapa

Nice day in Tram Ton Heaven Gate

7.Love Waterfall - romantic & beautiful scenery.

Love waterfall is a wonderful fall hidden down the forest of Hoang Lien national park.From far distance, the waterfall of 100 metters high looks like twinkling silvers under the sun, rush noisily into the Gold Stream like a never-ending song. Under the waterfall, the Gold Stream runs along with green grass plots and bamboo clusters, forming a poetic image.In order to admire the Love Waterfall, you need to hike down on stepped roads running through the lush & vast bamboo forest and gentle beauty of rhododendron flowers.Journey of hiking is also beautiful to admire Hoang Lien mountain range.

You can connect your visit to Love Waterfall with Silver waterfall & Tram Ton Heaven Gates because they are all nearby on NR 4A - 15km far from Sapa town.

Love waterfall Sapa

8.Silver Waterfall - the most beautiful one in Sapa.

Silver Waterfall is 14km far from Sapa, on NR4D of winding O Qui Ho Pass.The fall is running all the way from Lo Sui Tong mountain peak down,smoothly like a silver cloth- creating a vivid picture.Staying on NR4D, you can view the fall, but the best view you can have when trekking up on 300 steps to the brigde which offers you a majestic captivation of full waterfall & surrounding mountains.In the winter & spring time, rain water is not much so the fall's beauty is less impressive than its beauty on summer & auturm time.Knowing this, you can arrange the right time to have the best view of it on your trip to Sapa.

Silver waterfall sapa

9.Ham Rong mountain - a great captivation of Sapa town.

Be at the center of Sapa town, right behide Sapa Church,Ham Rong mountain has a shape like a dragon head with its yaws up towards the sky, that is the reason for its name : Dragon Jaws ( Ham Rong) mountain.A hike to Ham Rong mountain, you can admire different types of flower gardens : red roses, peach flowers...., enjoy exciting dances performed by local ethnics or conquer top point of Ham Rong mountain for a great captivation of Sapa town & surrounding mountains- possibly Fansipan Summit as well if clear & nice day.

Ham Rong mountain- Sapa

Ham Rong (Dragon Jaw) mountain

10.Sapa market - one place to meet different local ethnics in Sapa region.

Located in Sapa center, Sapa market is the meeting place among local ethnic minorities in Sapa region to exchange local products, the youth to encouter, get dating and show their affection thru love songs, sounds of flutes....The market is taking place every Sunday, when you can meet different hilltribes in their traditional dresses from far & remote villages in the region such as Red Dzao, Black Hmong, Flower Hmong, Dzay, Tay.......It will be nice to take part in this unique trade fair interacting with local tribes & buying some typical souvernirs in your trip to Sapa, Vietnam.

Market - Sapa

11. Sapa church - the vestige of French heritage in Sapa.

Sapa Stone Church is one in a few French architectures left in Sapa after Vietnamese-Chinese wars in the 1979s.The church is also considered as the most intact ancient French architectural work in Sapa. In the front of church, there is a spacious courtyard where local ethnics garther to exchange & sell their brocades, also take place Love Market among local ethnics on every Saturday, therefore, the church attracts many visitors.The church & Sapa Square is the center of activities on Chrismas or new year celebration for locals & travellers.

Sapa Church

Stone Church Sapa at night

12. Sapa lake - the background of Sapa town's beauty

Sapa lake is a man-made lake with natural water from Hoang Lien mountain, a good place to hang around while you are in Sapa.From the lake, you can have a nice photos of Sapa town with clouds flying around. You can stroll around with morning excercises or sit on cafes around the lake to admire the lake beauty.The lake is really a beautiful back ground for Sapa town when you conquer Ham Rong mountain and have the view down Sapa town.

sapa lake view from dragon mountain

Sapa lake - the view from Ham Rong mountain

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