Top 13 Recommended Day Trips From Hanoi For Your Weekend Escape

Top 13 Recommended Day Trips From Hanoi For Your Weekend Escape

Are you planning a trip to Hanoi - Vietnam? You love to explore places outside Hanoi on typical day trips? Let's review the following places, which are customized into different day tours from Hanoi & choose the right one for your wonderful time while your in Hanoi.....

As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is a lovely city beloved among tourists doing trips to Vietnam. Hanoi shows her great charms of rich local cultures, colonial achitectures, beautiful lakes and brilliant history – being considered as the most interesting city in Asia.Travelling to Hanoi, you can spend for days visiting beautiful landmarks; exploring the museums; tasting yummy street food dishes and the nightlife. However, like other cities around the world, Hanoi is always at its bustle & hustle as well with busy traffic, noise & pollution which may make you intense & sometimes feel the urge to get out.

Hill tribe in Mu Cang Chai

The good news is that there are many awesome places nearby Hanoi you can easily reach for a day or multi-day visit to enjoy wonderful landscapes, to take part in healthy activities of hiking, kayaking or biking, and to explore the locals' daily life & their cultures.

In this blog, we will suggest you some incredible days trips from Hanoi, together with some practical travel tips that will help you make the most of your time.

Top 13 Awesome Day Trips From Hanoi - recommended by Golden Holiday Travel

Below are our list of different day tours from Hanoi operated daily.While some places are off-the-beaten paths, stunning for their natural landscapes or to meet your special interest & only operated on daily private day tours from Hanoi, the other places are nearby & popular tourist attractions, you can join in shared- group trips (SIC tours) with other tourists or in private tours if you love flexibility & comfort among the family.

1. Private Hanoi day trip to Ba Vi National Park

Are you searching for a tranquil escape for your weekends right in Hanoi? Ba Vi National Park could be a perfect retreat for you thanks to its proximity to Hanoi city, pleasant climate, the beautiful view of lush green mountains & jungles.

Covering an area of 10,800 hectares, Ba Vi National Park typically features its evergreen tropical forest, three gorgeous mountain summits and year- around cool climate. - an ideal place for your day hideaway from Hanoi. Just 1.5 hour drive from Hanoi capital, you will approach Ba Vi mountains. If you love hiking fun, there are plenty of trekking routes for your thirst whether hiking on steps to conquer the summits ( Dinh Vua, Dinh Tan Vien or Dinh Ngoc Hoa) or hiking on trails to discover natures & historical sites ( route to French prison....). The hikes offer you chances to immense pristine landscapes of tropical forest, captivate magnificient mountains & surrounding areas, inhale the fresh air, and learn more about Vietnamese culture & history.

Ba Vi national park day trip

When travelling with kids, you may love playing around with waterfalls, fresh streams & water sports, there some resorts at the foot of Ba Vi mountains such as Thien Son - Suoi Nga, Ao Vua, Khoang Sanh... are great places to chill out with your family.

Tips for best time to visit : Ba Vi national park can be visited at any time of the year, however, the ideal time for the climate & visibility is between April & October, the area is clearly with sunlights & blue sky - wondeful time for capturing beautiful photos & having scenic parnorama down the lowlands

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2. SIC day trip Hanoi to Halong bay

Plan your trip to Vietnam, you must have heard about Halong bay - a new natural wonder of the world, which should not be missed by any travellers doing trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. Halong is a naturally beautiful bay with almost two thousand islands and islets that scatter around its turquoise-green water. The best way to admire Halong bay's beauty is from a Halong bay cruise ( day or overnight cruise) which helps you travel deep into the bay, view scenic limestone outcrops, explore the hidden caves, kayak to floating fishing villages or conquer Titop summit for the great panorama of the bay.

Halong bay - floating village

If you don't have time for overnight cruise, it is awesome as well to explore Halong bay on 4- 6 hour day cruise daily departing from Hanoi to Halong bay. For the good service & your great sense of Halong bay, we suggest you a 6 hour cruise : good seafood, attentive staffs, limousine car transfer on highways, intensive boat route into the bay & more activities for your life-time experiences.

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3. Private Hanoi day tour to Duong Lam Ancient Village

You like the countryside & would love to experience how an ancient village in Northern Vietnam look like while in Hanoi ? Let's spend a day out to Duong Lam ancient village - 50km west of Hanoi.

Duong Lam is a typical ancient village, famous for its well-preserved hundred-year-old houses and symbolic items of a traditional village in Red River Delta - Northern Vietnam.

Duong Lam ancient village

A day trip to Duong Lam ancient village will surely be a nice escape away the city’s life to a peaceful & rural village, where offers you chances to enrich your knowledge of the village’s cultural values in Vietnam by visiting ancient long houses, the village’s communal house, its water well, temples & pagoda; and chatting with friendly locals.

This trip is flexibly designed with healthy activities such as walking around the village, talking with the family host, having a lunch in her old house, then biking to visit surrounding area of the village. All help you feel a good sense of the countryside & the village’s cultural aspects in Northern Vietnam

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4. Private day tour Hanoi to Bac Son valley

You really love to expose to the green paradise of rice fields & mountain vista while feeling the authenticity of local ethnics in Vietnam, let's do a day trip to Bac Son valley.

Bac Son is a hidden valley in Lang Son province - 180km away from Hanoi. The valley is awesomely surrounded by chains of incredible mountains, and the home to local ethnic groups such as Tay, Dzao, Thai, Viet...who still live the ways of their ancestors : living on the stilted houses, dressing their unique traditional uniform and cultivating the rice in the valley. Up to now, Bac Son valley is still an off-the - beaten path, lesser known among tourists and a worth place for nature lover & adventurers to admire untouched spectacular scenery, hike to conquer the summit & interact with local ethnics in the region.

On a day trip from Hanoi, you can explore the main things in Bac Son valley : visiting local Tay village, getting to know their daily life & the best of all - trekking to Na Lay peak, where you can catch all Bac Son valley's amazing landscapes into your sight : green/ golden rice fields with snaking river & dotted local hamlets, which are backgrounded by gorgeous mountainscapes.....

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Tips for best time to visit Bac Son valley : the valley can be visited at any time of the year but the best time for your viral photos of golden rice fields roughly in July & in November.

5. Private day excusion Hanoi to Mai Chau valley

150km far from Hanoi, journey to Northwest Mountain on NR 06, you will be in Mai Chau valley - home to some indigenous groups such as Thai, Muong, H'Mong ethnics, who have been settled here for ages.They speak their own languages, build up their villages along mountainsides & streams, and practise their rice cultivation in the valley. Most tourists love Mai Chau valley beacause of its lush green landscapes, warm - hearted local people & wonderful activities they can enjoy there. Biking or hiking along rice fields & numerous local villages are great ways to explore Mai Chau's beauty & interact with local people.

Mai Chau valley - Thung Khe Pass

For the best discovery of Mai Chau, you can spend 2-3 days there, homestaying, tasting authentic local foods & joining locals' special performance of dances & songs. However, you can do a day trip to visit Mai Chau valley from Hanoi, stop at Thung Khe Pass for impressive captivation of Mai Chai valley, bike between different vilages to enrich your knowledge about local people & the region.

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Tips for the ideal time to visit Mai Chau valley : There are two crops of rice in Mai Chau valley, the first one from January to late May, the second one is between June & early October, you can expect to get picturesque photos of rice fields in Mai Chau during these periods of the year.

6. SIC Hanoi- Ninh Binh day excursion to Hoa Lu ancient capital & Tam Coc

100 km south of Hanoi, you will find Ninh Binh a countryside province of great beauty with gorgeous mountains, hidden caves, national park and historical & religious sites. A day trip to Hoa Lu & Tam Coc will surely a good choice to discover iconic landmarks of this destination

Hoa Lu is known as the first capital of Vietnam in 10th & 11th century during the period of 3 dynasties of Dinh, Le and Ly. In 1010, King Ly Thai To removed the capital to Thang Long (present Ha Noi ), Hoa Lu became an ancient capital, which maintained many ancient temples and relic sites. A visit to Hoa Lu will offer you chances to enrich your knowledge of Vietnamese history during 10th & 11th century, enjoy the architectural & cultural values reflected in temples such as Dinh, Le temples & Nhat Tru pagoda.

Hoa Lu ancient capital

On this day trip to Hoa Lu ancient capital, you can also pay a visit to Tam Coc  - one of the top attractions in Ninh Binh. Tam Coc landscapes are featured by limestone mountain ranges with three naturally hidden grottoes and can be stunningly explored on a boat ride along Ngo Dong river.

The factor that makes Tam Coc an iconic place to visit in Ninh Binh is its rice fields which come between Ngo Dong river & limestone outcrops, all make mind- blowing views can be admired on Tam Coc boat ride or from the top of Ngoa Long mountain by a visit to Mua cave.

>>>>>>>> You can get this day trip refered at Hoa Lu - Tam Coc Day Trip From Hanoi

Tam Coc has only one rice crop, yearly planting in January & harvesting in May - ideal time to visit Tam Coc.The best time to visit this area is in late May, when rice turn its green to golden color - making a stunning background for beautiful photos of the region.

7. Private Hanoi day trip to Cuc Phuong national park

Also a famous tourist attraction in Ninh Binh, Cuc Phuong is the largest & well-protected national park in Vietnam. It’s a fantastic place for outdoors lovers, where you will be able to go hiking and also visit a primate rescue center that helps in the conservation of endangered monkeys.

Cuc Phuong nayional park

Just 40 km from Ninh Binh city & 140km away from Hanoi city, you can explore Cuc Phuong national park on a private day tour from Hanoi as well. Make sure to take this adventure with good trekking shoes, arm yourselves with drinking waters & insect spraying.

Tips for the ideal time to visit Cuc Phuong garden : between November and April when there are no rains. You should avoid visiting the forest on rainy days as mosquitoes and leeches may attack you.

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8. Private day journey Hanoi to Mua cave & Van Long nature reserve

Hiking to the highest peak at Mua Cave (also known as Hang Mua) is one of the best things to do in Ninh Binh! The cave itself is not that spectacular but it’s the incredible 360-degree views from the Hang Mua viewpoint that make this a very popular place to visit. The best time to visit is early in the morning around 6 am before the crowds hit or you can visit in the late afternoon as it is a great location to watch the sunset over the valley.

A trip to Mua cave can be connected with other destinations in Ninh Binh. If you love less touristic boat ride, admire pristine scenery & wildlife, we highly recommend you a vist to Van Long nature reserve, where is chosen as the setting location for “King: Skong island” movie in 2015.

>>>>>>> Recommended tour : Mua cave - Hoa Lu - Van Long nature reserve day trip from Hanoi

9. Private Hanoi day journey to Mua cave & Thien Ha grottoes

Are you planning a day trip to Ninh Binh & would like to explore less touristic destination with beautiful cave & scenic boat rides? Let's consider Thien Ha grotto ( Galaxy cave), which could bring you the most interesting travel experiences when travelling to Ninh Binh.

Being recently discovered in 2007 due to its small size gateaway & its hidden location by rained forest on Tuong mountain, Thien Ha (Galaxy) cave is beautifully untouched with natural formations of stalagmites & stalactites in shimmering colors – giving you the feeling of being lost in a real paradise on earth. To visit this sight, a rowing boat ride is a must along Tuong mountain range, then stroll under the shade to the caves...

>>>>>>>> You can connect with Mua cave in this day trip : Thien Ha grotto - Mua Cave day trip from Hanoi

10. SIC Hanoi day tour to Trang An Landscape Complex & Bai Dinh Pagoda

As a tourist hot spot of Ninh Binh, Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex has its nick name as “Halong Bay on land” thanks to its similar limestone mountainscapes and was recognized as the UNESCO world mixed natural and cultural heritage in 2014.This unique attraction includes a cluster of limestone mountains, temples, pagodas, rivers, and caves. The mixture of culture and nature makes this place one of the top highlights in Ninh Binh. Rowing a boat ride is the most effective way to admire this picturesque wonder.

Trang An - Ninh Binh day trip

Rowing boat ride to visit Trang An 

Besides beautiful scenery, Ninh Binh is a great destination for those who love spiritual tourism with countless beautiful pagodas. The most famous one is Bai Dinh pagoda, which impresses visitors by its scale.Until now, this pagoda still holds many records that it’s difficult for other ones to break. Some of them are the largest bronze bell in Vietnam, the tallest and heaviest Buddha statue in Asia, etc.

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11. Private Hanoi day trip to Perfume Pagoda

Perfume Pagoda is 60km far from Hanoi capital and in 1.5 hour car transfer, you will reach Perfume Pagoda, the most important religious sites in Vietnam Buddhism.You will be impressed by the beauty of river, paddy fields, limestone mountains, forests, valleys… many temples and pagodas lying on the side of the mountains or inside the caves.It is a holly temple that each Vietnamese has to visit this sacred land at least one time in his or her life

To Vietnamese locals, Perfume pagoda tour is a holly journey to the land of Buddha but to foreign visitors, it is a nice trip to get to know more about Buddhish practice of local Vietnamese, to enjoy beautiful landscapes of majestic mountains, river & rice fields from a rowing boat ride along Yen stream, the explore a complex of Buddhist temples - the nicest one is Chua Trong, which was built inside Huong Tich cave.

>>>>>>>>>>> You may find this trip interesting : Perfume Pagoda Day Trip From Hanoi

Travel tips to visit perfume pagoda : Visitors should bring good shoes for walking and avoid festival time (lunar January to March) if prefer serenity.It is recommended to visit the pagoda as part of an organised tour instead of getting to Perfume Pagoda independently.

12. Private Tho Ha Village - Do temple day trip from Hanoi

Located in Viet Yen district of Bac Giang province - 40km away from Hanoi city, Tho Ha village has emerged as an attractive destination for visitors thanks to its ancient architecture that offers a great insight into Vietnamese cultural identity.The village is surrounded by the rivers, not yet any bridges to connect and to cross the rivers, locals need to take a ferry, as a result, Tho Ha is really a peaceful village where still preserves the communal house, the village's ancient gate, old pagoda & banyan trees with friendly locals.

Tho Ha village

A day trip to Tho Ha village, you will be surprised to find many of its ancient buildings made of broken terracottas, its small alleys similar to the ones in Hanoi old quarter & Hoi An old town and authentic daily life of locals making pancakes, rice noodles to earn their living.

On the way back to hanoi, you can visit Do temples built in 11th century to worship 8 kings in Ly dynasty, who made strong influence in Vietnam’s history & culture.

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13. Day trip to Tam Dao mountains from Hanoi.

Tam Dao is a beautiful hill station built by the French in early 20th century.Though French colonial style architecture has long gone, you still find some remain vestiges of ruined churches & villas scattered around Tam Dao town. At the average height of 1,000 metters, the town is constantly covered with clouds & pleasant with climate year around so it is a great place to for your weekend escape.

Tam Dao mountain

You can easily visit Tam Dao on a day trip from Hanoi capital, refresh yourselves with mountain cool air & waterfall, hike to conquer summit & admire wonderful landscapes surrounding and visit local temples & pagodas.

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Tips for ideal time to visit Tam Dao : between April to September when the sky is clear & blue - a good visibility to admire scenic landscapes in Tam Dao mountains & an ideal area to hide the heat of the lowlands during the summer time.

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