Top 15 places should not be missed to visit in Quang Binh

Top 15 places should not be missed to visit in Quang Binh

Are you planning for expeditions to explore natural landcapes in Quang Binh? Let 's review the highlighted attractions that you can visit and arrange your time to discover some of them : historical & natural tourist spots....

World- famed Quang Binh travel sites & its top 15 attractions to explore

With some world- famous attractions of untouched natural landscapes such as Son Doong caves, UNESCO natural heritaged Phong Nha- Ke Bang national park…, Quang Binh will be an attractive tourist destination among nature lovers & adventure enthusiasts.Below are our local reveal about top 15 tourist attractions you have to pay a visit to when doing trips to Quang Binh.

Phong Nha Ke Bang national park

Beautiful scenery of Phong Nha- Ke Bang national park

Phong Nha cave

Being recognized as the world ‘s natural heritage by UNESCO in 2003, Phong Nha –Ke Bang national park are pristinely unspoiled with many outstandingly gorgeous caves on majestic limestone mountains, and with its rich fauna & flora.Surely that journeys to Quang Binh province will be a big miss if you do not take part in thrilling expeditions to explore this national park & those grottoes !

The cave of Phong Nha

The entrance of Phong Nha water cave

Phong Nha cave is located in the center of Phong Nha- Ke Bang national park, regarded as “ the most wonderful cave in Vietnam” and ever voted as the most beautiful cave in the world. To visit this grotto, you need to take the engine boat along Son river – great to admire the majestic limestone mountains along the journey in 30 minutes, then row the boat thru the cave’s entrance to explore this beautiful cavern.The more you go inside, the  more impressive it becomes with fresh cool air and awesome formations of stalagmite & stalactites formed more than 400 million of years ago

En Cave

En cave is the third largest grotto in the world and an not-to-be-missed destination for adventure travel lovers. En Cave has a total length of 1.645 meters across the mountain and covers 3 cave doors, located in the southeast and northwest of the flow stream of Rao Thuong (Rào ThÆ°Æ¡ng).The special feature of this cave is its separate ecosystem and climate, plus with the primeval forest and a hidden river, creating unique experiences for tourists.En Cave was rated by the National Geographic Magazine (USA) as one of the spectacular caves in the world.

En cave in Phong Nha park

Amazing En cave

To explore this cave, it should be done with organised tours supported by professional tourguide & expedition teams for safety - promising journey of great adventures with multi-day trekking into the jungles, swimming in caves and overnighting on camping sites.

Tien cave

Located about 100km away far from Phong Nha cave, Tien Cave belongs to the complex of En Cave, in Tu Lan commune, Tan Hoa district. In fact, locals just discovered this cave a few years ago, but it has just been widely known in 2015. Tien Cave is the destination for those people who start their conquering tour in Quang Binh. The cave is located between large mountains and dense trees, so before coming to the entrance of the cave, you will have to pass through the jungle, streams and go trekking. The great thing about Tien Cave is that you could contemplate spectacular stalactite columns in the cave entrance, without having to go deep inside.

Tien cave in Tu Lan commune

Massive Tien cave in Tu Lan commune

Thien Duong ( Paradise) cave

Thien Duong cave is called as the “underground palace” or Paradise for breathtaking beauty of stalagmites & stalactites – a magical wonder of the world. The cave is 31km long and limitedly opened 900 meters with longest wooden ways to the public in 2011 to admire its magical beauty.The grotto nestles deep in the World Natural Heritage – the National Park Phong Nha – Ke Bang, dating back from 350 to 400 million years ago

The stalagmites in Thien Duong cave

Massive limestone column in Thien Duong cave

Son Doong cave.

Recently discovered in Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park, Son Doong is the biggest grotto in the world – it is so huge that a 40 floor building cab be fit in.It is likened as Vietnam’s great wall because of its massive size & its thrilling landscapes inside.

Not only be famous for its enormous size, the cavern is also special for its internally rich flora & fauna. At the moment, Son Doong cave are not widely open to the public for safety & conservation reasons, but limited for 500 people/ one year.If you wish to explore this cave, you must book this cave adventure far in advance with requirement of really good health and trekking experiences, and with the cost of 3000 usd/person.If you love adventure travel, let one time in life do adventure expedition to Son Doong to explore this nature’s masterpiece.

Son Doong cave

Son Doong -the biggest cave in the world

Tien Son cave

On the same boat route to visit Phong Nha cave in Phong Nha- Ke Bang national park, you can pay a visit to Tien Son grotto. Meanwhile Phong Nha is a water cave, Tien Son is a dry one with the scenery likened as the fairy world.This cave is naturally beautiful with thousands of limestone sparkling formations of stalagmites & stalactites- surely make a big impression to your imagination.

Tien Son cave

Tien Son cave's stalagmites

Nuoc Mooc stream

Nuoc Mooc stream is located inside Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park, 10km far from  Phong Nha tourism center.The area is a newly- exploited place with  a beautiful eco- background of mountains & forest, you will find a 3km stream lying between the valleys of towering mountains stretching along Chay river, it is a good place to escape from daily routines for peaceful moment swimming in a fresh water, ziplining on the strings and exploring natures by walking or kayaking along the flow.

Nuoc Mooc stream

Nuoc Mooc stream for swimming & water games

Chay river & Dark cave

Some steps away from Nuoc Moc Stream, you will find Chay river & Dark cave – also a great place with healthy activities to relax yourselves.Travelling to this destination, adventure lovers can have fun of doing the zipline gliding on the strings and dopping down into fresh & cool waters or participating in water games of kayaking or swimming to or muth- bathing in Dark cave for a good health.

Song Chay-Dark cave

Water activities in Song Chay & Dark cave

Nhat Le beach

Nhat Le beach is the popular place luring a big number of tourists for family beach vacation ( more for local Vietnamese).The beach is quite smooth & pristine with white sands, gentle waves & blue sea so it become a popular choice for swimming  & flying the kites among families with kids. Near the beach, you can find some good hotels  and many local restaurants to hang around.Stay in this beach area, you will have opportunities to enjoy the beautiful sunrise or stroll around the seaside or Nhat Le river at night.

Nhat Le beach

Pristine white sand beach in Nhat Le

Bao Ninh beach

This beach is located on Bao Ninh peninsula – the less touristic white sand beaches, you can find here with beautiful resorts such as Sun Spa resort, Bao Ninh Resort, Gold Coast Resort...  – an ideal escape  for family’s beach break to enjoy the luxury comfort, quietly hearing the sea waves lapping on naturally white sand beach.

Beach of Bao Ninh

Quiet Bao Ninh Beach

Nhat Le river

In the center Dong Hoi city, there is a poetic & gentle river named Nhat Le.It is like a soft silk strip embracing the city of concrete buildings.When the sun is setting with the last sun rays, Nhat Le river seems to be covered by the golden colour by last sparkling sunshine of the day. You can experience this special beauty when staying on the café of Amanda hotel overviewing Nhat Le river, its bridge & the setting sun on the horizon.

At night, it will be nice as well to stroll around this romentic river to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this coastal city – cool & fresh with the wind coming from the river & nearby sea….

Nhat Le river at the sunset

Sunset time on Nhat Le river

Da Nhay beach

Around 25km far from Dong Hoi city on the direction to Hanoi, you can connect a visit to Da Nhay beach with Vung  Chua – Dao Yen area – the final resting place of our respected general Vo Nguyen Giap who led two  famous resistant wars in 20th century.

Da Nhay is translated as “jumping stone” beach where you can find a population of stones or rocks on pristine beaches. Due to the gentle blend between majestic beauty of rocks, the white sand and  the charms of immense sea, this place creates a lasting impression among travellers.

Da Nhay beach

Jumpng rocks in Da Nhay beach

Bang mineral hot spring

Located in Le Thuy district in Quang Binh province, 50km away from Dong Hoi city, Bang hot spring is one of the biggest &  natural hot spring in Vietnam creating a eco- travel site among nature lovers.Not only offering the nature scenery, having bath in this water is really good for your health and doing good treatment to certain diseases. You can connect your trip to this hot spring with a visit to native birth place of General Vo Nguyen Giap for great understanding about his life and his revolutionary cause.

Bang hot spring

Bang hot spring water for relaxing tourism in Quang Binh

Vung Chua – Dao Yen

Vung Chua- Dao Yen is well-known as the final resting place of Vietnam’s famous general Vo Nguyen Giap who did lead Vietnamese in two long struggles against the invasion in 20th century to defense the nation’s independence.This destination is pupular for Vietnamese pilgrimage to pay their homage to their respected general. Moreover, this is also a place of beautiful nature : Vung Chua beach & Yen island that could be a place to hang around when doing trip to Quang Binh.

Vung Chua- Dao Yen

The scenic view of Vung Chua beach & Yen island

Quang Phu Sand Dunes

Quang Phu sand dune is located at Bo Trach district, 10km far from Dong Hoi city.Quang Phu is emerging as an attracting destination in Quang Binh with dunes of stretching white sands. You could rent a skateboard and comfortably gliding down or playing on the vast white sand dunes – giving you the sense of immensing yourselves in the majestic nature.Particularly, when visiting this place, you should prepare sunglasses, long sleeves in order to avoid sandy wind.

Quang Phu sand Dunes

Quang Phu sand dune in Dong Hoi city- Quang Binh

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