Top attractions & things to do in Hanoi city tour

Top attractions & things to do in Hanoi city tour

You are the first time to Hanoi and you do not know what to see, things to do, good foods to try in Hanoi.In this article, we will share you about top attractions and interesting things to do for your day trip in Hanoi.

Top attractions and things to do in your Hanoi day trip

Hanoi is the heart of Vietnam and recently marked its one thousand year old anniversary  to be the country’s capital in 2010 with many interesting activities to celebrate this important event.With its long historical and cultural values, colonial buildings of French architecture and delicious cuisines, your trip to Hanoi will be filled up with many interesting discovery of Hanoi’s attractions, local food tastes and her friendly people. To make the best of your visit, arm yourself with a detailed recent map and a reputable local tour guide who will know where to go, what to see and who’ll steer you away from any touts.Those are top attractions and things to visit & to do in your Hanoi city day tour

Top attractions & things to do in Hanoi

Photos with Malaysia group at Temple of literature

1.Ho Chi Minh Complex including HCM mausolem, presidential palace, HCM house, one pillar pagoda & HCM museum

The best attraction in Hanoi you should pay a visit is Ho Chi Minh Complex dedicated to Uncle Ho Chi Minh, the great father of Vietnam.It was him who changed Vietnamese people’s life after a long struggle against the French colony, Japanese facisnism & American imperialism for a free, independent & united Vietnam.This complex is a must-see place for any traveler to Hanoi including Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum preserving the embalm of President Ho Chi Minh, Ba Dinh Square where Uncle Ho read the declaration of independence to give a birth to Vietnam, Presidential Palace used as the head office of the French governer during colonial time, Ho Chi Minh houses where he lived from 1954-1969, one-pillar pagoda with special lotus-shaped design and Ho Chi Minh Museum of great exhibition about Ho Chi Minh’s life and his revolutionary cause. This complex is only open in the morning and closed on Monday and Friday so keep this in mind to arrange time to visit this site on the other days.Also, when doing trip to this complex, you are requested to dress formally ( not mini-skirt or sexy clothes).

Top attractions & things to do in Hanoi1

Ho Ch Minh Mausoleum

2. Temple of Literature - the first university of Vietnam

Just in a walking distance of 15 minutes from Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, you can get to Temple of Literature.Being considered as a top attraction in Hanoi by Tripadvisor, this site has attracted an increasing number of tourists locally and internationally. Welknown as the first university of Vietnam buit in 1070,Temple of Literature was firstly open for royal children, then to the public in 13thcentury till 1779 when the capital was removed to Hue in 1802 by the King Gia Long in Nguyen dynasty. Your trip to this temple will be a great finding of Vietnam’s ancient architecture, 82 stone turtles with steles on its back carving the names of different "doctors of philosophy" who passed the highest results in national exams;and the education’s system during fewdal dynasties to select the King’s talented officers to control the nation.You also get to know why Confucianism has done a strong influence into our culture till nowadays.

Top attractions & things to do in Hanoi

Students in the first university of Vietnam

3. Quan Thanh Temple - a typical Taoism temple in Hanoi

After visiting the first university, you can have a lunch at famous Co To restaurant in Van Mieu street, on the left side of this temple when you come out.Then we continue with a trip to Quan Thanh temple on the bank of the west lake.This temple was built in 11th century and considered as one of four temples to proctect the Thang Long royal citadel in the north from evil spirituals.It is nice to view a nice temple with many huge trees, ancient architecture  and specially a giant bronze statue of Tran Vu saint.

4. Tran Quoc Pagoda - the center of Buddhism in Hanoi

Finshing Quan Thanh temple, you can keep walking along Thanh Nien road for a open outlook of the west lake & Truc Bach lake, then heading to Tran Quoc pagoda, located on a small island with a road link to.Tran Quoc pagoda  was built in 6th century by the King Ly Nam De and regarded as the oldest pagoda & the Buddhism center in Hanoi.You will get to know about nice arrangement of beautiful Buddha statutes,  Buddhism practice in Vietnam, Buddha tree and relaxed view of the biggest lake in Hanoi.

Top attractions & things to do in Hanoi12

Tran Quoc Pagoda in Hanoi

5.Museum of Ethnology - the most interesting museum about ethnic groups in Vietnam

There are a lot of good reviews on Tripadvisor about this interesting museum of ethnology where you can find a great exhibition of 54 ethnic  groups in Vietnam, illustrating detailedly about their cultures, house styles, traditional dresses &  their community organizations. Beside inhouse museum, you can open your view to outdoor museum where hosts beautiful house models of typical ethnics in Vietnam such as Viet house, Cham house, Bana’s Rong communal house, Ede long house….It is so beautiful and interesting that this outdoor museum has become a common place for many wedding couples to have their photos taken here.It is an informative finding about ethnic groups in advance before your real experience in visiting their hamlets in remote mountainous regions of Vietnam

Top attractions & things to do in Hanoi11

Ha Nhi house in museum of ethnology

6.Hoan Kiem lake -the most beautiful lake in Hanoi capital

Located in Hanoi center, Hoan Kiem lake is the most beautiful lake in Hanoi city.Your trip to Hanoi will be a big miss if not visiting this natural lake.Translated “Lake of the Returned Sword”, this lake is named after a legend: “ In the early 15th century,Vietnam was under Chinese domination.Le Loi  who united Vietnamese for a long struggle against Chinese domination,was given a good sword by a fisherman.With the sword’s power  and people’s unity,Le Loi  defeated Chinese rulers and regained the country’s freedom & independence. Afterward, Le Loi became the king under the name “Le Thai To” and established Le dynasty with the capital & royal palace located in Hanoi.On a nice day, the King did a dragon boat trip with his solders along the lake, there was a big tortoise approaching his boat.The king used the old sword pinpointing at the tortoise for the solders’attention.Suddenlly, that big tortoise took that legendary sword by its mouth and disappeared.The king thought that the tortoise(the saint) had helped his nation at the wartime with a magic weapon, now the nation got the peace back and the saint would like to get the sword back.That was why the King Le Thai To named the lake Hoan Kiem in 1428”.You can see this beautiful scene in water puppet show.

A more common sight at the lake is a large number of  Vietnamese or tourists walking or playing around in the area.Also, it is worth a visit to Ly Thai To Garden with Ly Thai To statute or to 18th century Ngoc Son Temple (Temple of the Jade Mountain) sits within the lake area on the Jade Island linked by Red bridge or take a nice strolling aroud Hanoi old quarter.

Top attractions & things to do in Hanoi9

Hoan Kiem lake

7.Enjoy unique Water Puppet Show

Be unique to Vietnam, Water Puppet Show is a special art formed by local farmers in the Red River Delta in 10th century.Wooden puppets are used to tell Vietnamese folktales and farming activities in a live tradditional music performance with interesting traditional songs.There are daily performances which captivate the audience both young and old.

8.Doing a cyclo trip to view Hanoi old quarter.

Ater a long day for Hanoi city tour, boarding the three-wheel rishshaw cycled by local driver for 1 hour to explore the bustling Hanoi Old Quarter will surely amaze you.No need to worry about traffic disorders of motorbikes,cars or bikes, you just lay back to enjoy colourful streets of shops, local restaurants, colonial buildings of  French architecture along the cyclo ride.Enjoy the colorful picture of daily life in Hanoi.

9.Tasting Hanoi street foods in local stalls or restaurants

Are you hungry now after a nice day tour discovering Hanoi’s attractions?It is time to enjoy local street foods in Hanoi old quarter now.It will be a nice experience of tasting authentic local foods in Hanoi.You will take a walk around the old quarter enjoying different local dishes & drinks in local based restaurants- the famous address for local Hanoians.Local favourites include Pho Ga, which is a chicken noodle soup and Pho Bo, which is a traditional beef noodle soup, Spring Rolls, Yen sticky rice, Hanoi draught beer, Hanoi Egg Coffee….

Top attractions & things to do in Hanoi89

Hanoi street food- grilled fish dish

Those are top attractions and things to do and visit in a Hanoi city day tour.Some travelers are doing this trip by themselves but most of tourists book this tour with guide along for interesting guidance of local cultures & history.You just enjoy Hanoi attractions & interesting things to do in Hanoi in an effective way – professional & experienced tourguide with customized interesting Hanoi tour programs to meet your expectation.Need for more information, do not hesitate to drop us an email to, viber us at +84.988.451530 or view our selected Hanoi tour packages for your Vietnam holidays in coming future. We wish you & your family an enjoyable holiday in Vietnam

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