Top things to do your trip to Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang

Top things to do your trip to Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang

Are you interested in trekking and admiring pristine landscapes of majestic mountains, immense valleys & scenic waterfalls? For non-touristic trekking routes, we would like to recommend Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang with 6 top things you can consider to do in your coming journey to explore this beauty-spot......

Hoang Su Phi landscapes & things to do when you plan a trip there

Hoang Su Phi is a remote mountainous district of Ha Giang Province, the off-beaten-path travel destination for the nature lovers and adventurers who would love to explore the untouched landscapes of majestic mountains & unique rice-terraced valleys ; and to know authentic culture of local ethnics who have set up their life here for ages.Travel to Vietnam, for adventure trips of long & hard treks, Hoang Su Phi should be in your top list of things to do in Vietnam.So the question is “ what we can do when visiting Hoang Su Phi?” In this article, we would like to share you the top things to do in Hoang Su Phi – Ha Giang for your references

Hoang Su Phi welcome gate

The gate to welcome you to Hoang Su Phi

Admire the breathtaking beauty of endless rice terraces.

For the view of stepped- rice fileds, you can find it in Sapa & Mu Cang Chai, but Hoang Su Phi rice fields recognized as the national heritage in 2012 are the most impressive in beauty & in scales.There are 6 different communes of fantastic rice terraces named Ban Luoc commune, San Sa Ho commune, Ban Phung commune, Ho Thau commune, Nam Ty commune and Thong Nguyen commune, which are typically rice terraces of hundreds of years created for farming by the hard work of La Chi, Dzao, Nung, Hmong ethnics… in Hoang Su Phi- Ha Giang.

Rice fields Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi rice terraces in falling water time

The ideal time to contemplate the beauty of the rice terraces is from May to October classified as three periods : when the fields are ploughed for the new crops between late May & early June ( falling-water time for start a new crop), the rice growing time with the immense layers of green color to the horizon ( from June to September), then the time when the rice changes its green color to its golden one in fullest beauty (between late September & early October).

After that locals will harvest their crops and keep the land rest due to the cooler & cold weather from November to March ( not much rain water for rice plantation).The months of October till April, though being in cold climate , the weather is dry so it is safer for trekking trips than the months of May till September when it is constantly with big rains sometimes resulted in landslides blocking the roads & dangers.

Hoang Su Phi rice terraces

Rice terraces - things to visit in Hoang Su Phi

Take part in the off-beaten-track & beautiful treks in Hoang Su Phi.

You have been working hard with daily stressful schedules, the city’s noice and boring office paper work, you love to expose yourselves to natural landscapes with some adventure treks of healthy exercises, Hoang Su Phi Treks should be on your top priority to consider in your Vietnam Adventure Trips.In those trekking routes, you will challenge yourselves on dirt paths up & down along the majestic mountain slopes viewing down the pristine valleys of stepped- rice fields.En route, stop between in remote villages of local ethnic groups having talks, homestaying and enjoying their delicious dishes.Is that the adventure of your excitement? Let’s make the plan and go ahead for your coming trips to Hoang Su Phi.

Trek Hoang Su Phi

Trekking - things to do in Hoang Su Phi

Get a great insight of rich local ethnic cultures.

As a remote district of Ha Giang province, Hoang Su Phi is located near China border, 300km far from Hanoi and take hours to reach due to the snaking & small road conditions.The same as the other mountain areas, Hoang Su Phi is the home of many local tribes who live along the water source coming from mountains, exploiting the forest for their farmland by creating hundred-year- old rice terraces.You can find Red Dzao, Nung, H'Mong, Pa Then, Phu La….living in their small communities scatteredly in the mountain slopes or vast valleys on your non-touristic Hoang Su Phi trekking routes.For a long time, they have stayed away far from the effect of modern life influence till recently, so they keep their culture & customs authentically interesting such as wedding rituals, fire dancing, new year celebration….Come to their home, they are in their traditional dress, warmly welcoming you with a cup of rice wine or tea, you can enjoy their truthful friendliness and throw away all the city’s bustle & hustle for your peace of mind & memorable travel experiences.

Wedding rituals of Dzao Ethnics Hoang Su Phi

Wedding rituals of Dzao ethnics in Haong Su Phi

Participate in weekly local markets - an interesting thing to do in Hoang Su Phi

The markets are the place of exchanging local products among local hill tribes, famously to mention as Hoang Su Phi, Thong Nguyen, Xin Man ones.They take place on a certain day of the week ( normally Sunday) and offer chances for local ethnics trading their produces by barter & meeting eachother.On market day,they are happy on their beautiful traditional dresses attending the market, selling or buying things or just playing – have fun of meeting again old friends, talking and drinking happily. Many boys & girls become husband & wife thanks to their dating in those markets’ meetings.Surely that it will be a very authentic travel experiences when joining their weeky local markets in your journey to Hoang Su Phi region.

Markets in Hoang Su Phi

Homestaying in local families in your trips to Hoang Su Phi

Accommodating in the hotel is the popular option among travelers when travelling to a tourist place.Homestaying in a local family is another choice for toursits if they would like to get to know more about the locals & their cultures : house styles, daily life, religions..etcs.Tasting the host’s home- cooked dishes is an interesting way to interact with the family members and to feel their warm hospitality in your travel journey.Surely that the facilities are not that high standard compared to the hotels’ones, but meet the standards of government’s request about hygienity & safety  ( the program of Community-Based- Tourism or CBT homestay in one of resposible travel programs.The locals providing the homestay service will get the adequate training about the travel service to international tourists, food hygienity, house settings in a way that help them to keep their local culture and increase their incomes thanks to community-based tourism).As a result, when homestaying, you will contribute your small part to the community’s sustainable development and travel in a responsible way

Hoang Su Phi Homestay

The setting of homestay overnight in Hoang Su Phi

Trips to Hoang Su Phi, in beautifully off-beaten-track trekking routes along the mountain slopes, you will have chances to be close to nature, interact with local tribes in homestaying overnight journeys for your unforgetable travel experiences.

Mountain conqueration to Chieu Lau Thi or Tay Con Linh summits.

If you love more adventure treks and conquering the peaks, Hoang Su Phi is also the destination of high mountain peaks that you can expect to climb – famous ones named Chieu Lau Thi at 2,402 metters high (the second highest one in Ha Giang) & Tay Con Linh at 2,427 metters high ( the highest one in Ha Giang and the second highest one in Vietnam – after Fansipan in Sapa-3,143 metters).

Treks mountains

Impressive mountai landscpes of Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi Exploration with Golden Holiday Travel.

Strongly focus on adventure trips & responsible tourism, Golden Holiday Travel Team have done annual inspection trips to Hoang Su Phi region, meeting local partners and take part in various trekking routes of different types ( long – short, hard – easy ones) so we understand this place well and are confident to offer our clients those travel experiences to explore Hoang Su Phi.You may connect your journey to Hoang Su Phi with Bac Ha- Sapa or en route to Dong Van, Meo Vac districts, then to Ban Gioc waterfall, Ba Be lake….Hopefully, our share of top things to do in Hoang Su Phi are useful for your planning a journey to Hoang Su Phi.In need of Hoang Su Phi travel support, Hoang Su Phi Trekking Packages, private car hire to Hoang Su Phi, don’t hesitate to email us to or contact us at +84.988451530 (viber, whatsapp), our travel team will soon response you back and support you for your coming journey to explore Hoang Su Phi landscapes – Ha Giang province.

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