Trang An Eco Tourism Complex

Trang An Eco Tourism Complex

The Trang An eco-tourism site is part of the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, an “outdoor geological museum”. Every year, the site receives tens of thousands of visitors who come to explore its unique cave and grotto system.

The new world natural & cultural heritage - Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex

Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex has long been famous as “Halong Bay on land”. Recently, this site has been officially recognized as the world ‘s natural and cultural heritage on 23th June 2014  and marked  to be the Vietnam’s  8th heritage highlighted in the world heritage list. Your trip to Trang An eco-tourism complex promises a wonderful view of its natural landscapes and a great finding of cultural & historical values belonging to this land as the capital of Vietnam in 10th, 11th century.

Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex

Firstly, we will mention about Trang An’s natural beauty with its following special values.Trang An complex covers an areas of 10.000 hectares which is dominated by the large and separated limestone karst peaks covered in plants .Between these mountains are dotted valleys with the fertile grounds perfect for agriculture and settlements. There are sections that are submerged under water, though, and this is what has been claimed by the tourism industry as the best way (boat tours along river) to explore the core Trang An area. While it is possible to cycle, drive – or even walk – around the mountains, most people choose to use boats to travel through some of the most scenic parts of the region

Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex1

You will take the boat at Trang An habour ( sightseeing ticket and shared rowing boat trip of roughly 10usd cost).The friendly rower of 6 pax boat will take you along the river to enjoy the impressive scenery of Trang An eco-tourism complex. Magnificent beauty of limestone mountains, surrounded valleys of reeds, grass, algae, fungi & sometimes rice fields, and forests you can contemplate along the rowing boat journey.It is also really fantastic to explore unique systems of many beautiful caves which only have in this eco-complex.You will have a lifetime experience to sneak slowly through a number of long hidden caves with colourful stalactites and stalagmites of million year formation.Mind your head to avoid hitting your yourselves to the stalactites inside those caves which are the biggest number you can visit in Trang An such as Dia Linh Cave, Dark Cave, Light Cave, Brewing wine cave, Seo Cave……It seems like you are in a land of myth and fantasy making it easy to forget the troubles of daily lifes, just you and natures – the beauty of a heaven on earth.

Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex2

Natural values of Trang An complex are also represented in its eco-system which is a primary forest of great diversity in flora and fauna. According to statistics, this eco-complex has over 310 species of higher plants, many algae and fungi. In particular, there have some rare woods and amount of valuable trees using for food, medicine. In addition, there has about 30 species of mammals, 50 species of birds, dozens of species of reptiles and some rare animals such as: chamois, leopard, phoenix…

Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex3

Secondly, we would like to stress on Trang An's historical & cultural values.Formerly,Trang An Area was an important part of Hoa Lu ancient citadel during 10th,11th century. That is why you can find there a lot of cultural relics dated back to thousand years ago. Your 3 hour boat trip to contemplate Trang An landscapes also includes some stops between to climb mountains visiting temples associated with historical relics from the dynasties of Dinh, Le, Ly and Tran from the eleventh to fifteenth centuries.You will visit Trinh Temple dedicated to four head mandrins who helped the King Dinh Tien Hoang to reunite the nation of Dai Co Viet with the capital located in Hoa Lu in 968.

Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex5

Then continue visiting Tran temple built in 10th century as one of the four patron temples of Hoa Lu ancient capital to worship the general Quy Minh & his wife.And the last one on your boat trip is Khong Temle worshiping some mandrins in Dinh dynasty who were on duty to bury the corpse of the King Dinh Tien Hoang at a secret location.When they finished the mission, they killed themselves to keep that burial location secretly forever.You can come to pray in this temple or learn about their loyalty to the nation & royal family at that time.After the boat trip, you can pay your visit to other historical relics in Trang An Complex such as Hoa Lu ancient capital or Bai Dinh Pagoda-the biggest and the most important Buddhist Center in the country.

Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex4

How to get to the Complex of Trang An Eco-Tourism ?

Trang An complex belongs to Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh Province, is about  96 km far from Hanoi capital and in 2.5 hour drive, you can get there.You can easily book our shared- group Trang An tour with budget cost to explore Trang An’s natural landscapes.For a better service, more flexible or comfortable between your own group, you can join us in a Private Trang An Tour with all services included.You just enjoy the trip with our guided tour to visit designed places of your interest.

Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex

Or you want to make a trip on your own and just rent our private car with driver to Trang An, Ninh Binh.We do supply all of these services or products to meet your demands.Please, let us know your request to, our team will promptly support you with free consultancy.We wish you a wonderful holiday in Vietnam. See you in Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex, Ninh Binh Province.

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