Travel tips to Sapa and Bac Ha Market

Travel tips to Sapa and Bac Ha Market

Sapa and Bac Ha market are one of the top travel attractions in the north of Vietnam. Those are some of our useful travel suggestions for you to make a good plan for enjoyable trips to Sapa & Bac Ha region

Useful travel tips to Sapa & Bac Ha market

Travelling to the north of Vietnam, besides paying your visit to Halong bay - the most famous attraction in Vietnam,you should spend time on exploring Sapa – the most stunning mountain landscape in northwestern Vietnam and Bac Ha market- the biggest market in the highlands you can find.Tours to Sapa & Bac Ha market, you can do it in 2 days or 3 days but must arrange time to be there on weekends due to Bac Ha market’s meeting on weekly Sunday. In this blog, we would like to supply you with useful travel tips to Sapa & Bac Ha market.

Travel tips to Sapa & Bac Ha market

Bac Ha market

Proper ways to reach Sapa, Bac Ha market from Hanoi:

if you would like to experience Vietnamese train, you can book an overight train with solf-sleeper trains departing at 20h00, 21h15 & 22h00, and arriving in Lao Cai- the last stop of train journey at 4h00 a.m, 4h45 a.m and 5h20 a.m respectedly.This mean of transport surely save your time & overnight hotel cost but it is hard to get a proper sleep due to the train’s noices and schedules of early- drop-off, then start with car transfer to Sapa or Bac Ha market.As the result,this train journey of hard sleep may make you so tired to enjoy your day trip trekking in Sapa & Bac Ha market.

Travel tips to Sapa and bacha market2

Overnight train to Sapa

However, instead of overnight trains, you can choose a faster and nicer option of shuttle buses or private car with driver to get Sapa & Bac Ha market directly.There are many travel buses of soft berths & seats from Hanoi to Sapa,operated by different travel companies every morning, departing at 6h30 am-7h30 am, you can request a pick-up from your hotel. More flexibly and comfortable, you can hire a private car with driver to Sapa, following your travel itinerary in Sapa & Bac Ha, then back to Hanoi.With private car transfer , it will be great to have an impressive view of Vietnam’s northwest mountains, you are flexible to choose the time to start, the stops for nice photos or toilets between the journey, you do not have to wait for others, but the feeling of comfort between your family with your chosen type of car.

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Private transfer to Sapa & Bac Ha

When is the best time to visit Sapa & Bac Ha market?

Sapa is located at the average height of 1600 metters above the sea level so it is quite cold in the winter (December- February) and sometimes witnessing snowing & frosting.The months of between June and August are warm during the day & cool at night in Sapa but extremely hot in lowlands, that is why Sapa sometimes experiences big showers that may cause landslides or slippery trails for trekking or travelling around.The best time to vist Sapa are the periods of between March  and May and between September and November.At these times, the weather is relatively stable with sunny days and cool nights.At this time of the year, the weather is very comfortable for Sapa travel. It is dry, clear with much sunshine. The view of Sapa’s terraces is at its best between September and October. The cool and dry weather with the stable temperature makes it the perfect time for trekking and photos.

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Stunning beauty of Sapa rice fields

The right moment & useful suggestions to visit Bac Ha Market

Bac Ha market takes place on weekly Sunday, which attracts a lot of hill-tribe groups coming to exchange their produces, buy things or meet friends.From early morning, people from different directions in their colorful traditional dresses traveling by horses, motobikes, public buses or walking to the market center in Bac Ha town. You can witness many special items selling here: traditional dresses, cocks, horses, buffaloes… or try local dishes of Thang Co, sticky rice of different colours.The ideal time to visit Bac Ha market is between 9h00 a.m and 11h00 a.m when you can experience the biggest number of local tribes gathering here shopping, talking & drinking happily.After 11.00 am, some of them are on the way back home and a big numer of tourists from Lao Cai & Sapa approach the market so it is like a "tourist market" with hundreds of tourist’s cemaras  here & there hunting for their photos of this colorful tribal market.

travel tips to sapa & bac ha market5

Bac Ha market stall

To reach the market at the right time, you can join in a Sapa –Bac Ha market tour by a night train on Saturday night, arrive Lao Cai early on Sunday morning,then take a private car with tour guide in 1,5 hour drive to get Bac Ha market, then travel to Sapa in the afternoon for its amazing trekking to discover its stunning landscapes in coming days.Some of tourists do car transfer on Saturday morning to Sapa with the sightseeing of Sapa’s landscapes in the afternoon, then on Sunday, they start early from Sapa to Bac Ha market ( 3 hour journey) to visit anthentic market moment, surrounding villages in Bac Ha region before travelling back to Hanoi.

Travel tips to Sapa & Bac Ha market5

After the market moment, it is our suggestion to do some small trek of 2 hours  to explore Ban Pho –a less touristic & beautiful village of Flower H’Mong people, get to know their local cultures and enjoy local corn wine which is wel-known in the region.

What we can visit in Sapa?

As a small town, Sapa is the place of hotels & restaurants so you can spend your nights while visiting Sapa. Sapa is endowed with pleasant and cool climate all the year around, beautiful valleys where are dotted with multi-layers of rice terraced fields, ethnic villages of Black H’mong, Red Dzao, Zay, Tay..; Hoang Lien high mountains- typical one is Fansipan Peak; and many majestic waterfalls such as Silver waterfall, Love waterfall, Cat Cat waterfall... Your trip to Sapa, you can do trekking down to remote villages to witness the real life of local ethnics, homestaying and trying local foods; have beautiful photos of terraced rice fields, waterfalls; or conquer  Fansipan mountain -the highest peak in Indochina by cable car or a few day trekking journey ; or tours to colorful markets in Lao Cai region such as Can Cau market, Bac Ha market, Cao Son market…..

Trave tips to Sapa & Bac Ha market trekking

Trekking to visit village in Sapa

What to bring in your Sapa trip?

You may choose travelling to Sapa by night trains, whose cabins are with small berths and limited space, so it will be more convenient to bring with you light & small lugguage with necessary things. Take a notice that the weather in Sapa is quite cold and changeable, bring warm coat or sweater, rain coat in case of raining.Also, trekking is an interesting activities to visit remote local ethnic villages, so remember to arm with you good trekking shoes.Moreover, trips to Sapa, you trek to remote & poor villages, you can bring pens or notebooks to give local children as small gifts, that could be a great support to their education process and encourage them better in learning.

Travel tips to Sapa- Church

Sapa'schurch in the town center

Those are some travel tips to Sapa-Bac Ha market tour, we hope that they are useful for your travel plan to visit Sapa-Bac Ha region.If you are in need of the service of Sapa Tours or Sapa-Bac Ha Tours, overnight train tickets Hanoi- Lao Cai-Hanoi, private car rental with driver Hanoi-Sapa-Hanoi, feel free to drop us an email to or viber us at +84.988451530 ( Mr.Ban). We are happy to be your best travel partner for your Vietnam hoildays. We wish you an enjoyable vacation in Sapa, Vietnam

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