Useful Bac Son valley travel experiences

Useful Bac Son valley travel experiences

Would you like to explore off-beaten-track Bac Son valley? It is a beautiful valley of outstanding landscapes of valley & high mountains for a nice journey of great travel experiences!

Local reallife Bac Son valley travel experiences for your wonderful Bac Son exploration.

With my adventure blood and my customers’ recent requests of travel services : trekking tours, transfers, accomodations in Bac Son –  an off-beaten-path destination, I am curious and searching for related information about Bac Son area to support their travel needs.Then our travel team did a day trip inspection to this less touristic valley last week to have real experiences about this place.Below are my real-life Bac Son valley travel experiences that I would like to share to anyone planing a trip to Bac Son.

Travel journey to less tourist Bac Son valley

Bac Son is a remote district of Lang Son province, in the northeastern area of Vietnam, 170km far from Hanoi capital.In the war time, Bac Son was famous for its starting revolution fighting against Japansese in the 1940s, now it is a new tourist destinations of limited travel services supplied but offering stunning view of limestone mountain ranges & its vast valley, and nice insight of local cultures.

Bac Son Travel experiences--view

Nice sceneries on the journey to Bac Son

It was a long journey of 4 hour transfer so we started at 7h00 from Hanoi, following national road 03 to Thai Nguyen city, then continued with the road 1B to Lang Son province targeting Quynh Son village in Bac Son district.It was promising a good day for our exploration thanks to a nice weather with light sun & clear view.The driving journey was pleasant with good roads & magnificient view of mountains & valleys along the way, especially when we turned on the road 1B.We did many stops between for wonderful photos of the scenic landscapes & local farming activities.We arrived in Quynh Son village in Bac Son valley around 12h00 o’clock and felt more impressed with Bac Son beauty backgrounded by many peaks of big mountain ranges surrounding Bac Son valley – the home of many local ethnic groups with their dotted villages & green farming fields.

Bac Son Travel experience -lunch

Lunch in Quynh Son village ( Mr Sai's homestay)

With my previous searching details, we phoned in advance to Mr Sai- the owner of  the only homestay in Quynh Son hamlet to order our lunch due to limted travel services in this region.That was why the lunch was readily prepared by his wife when we came into his cosy house on stilts, in which Mr Sai normally offer meals and overnight homestay service for tourists traveling to Quynh Son village.We had a very delicious lunch and drank some rice wine with the local host who was pleased to tell us about this beautiful valley, Tay ethnic & other local tribes living here ,interesting travel activities that we can do. We must say that he provided us with very good local support & useful Bac Son valley travel experiences  for our later real expedition!

Bac Son valley exploration with trekking to villages & Nalay peak

Ready with our good trekking shoes & comfortable shorts on, we were eager for  our real exploration of Bac Son region.Firstly, we walked into Quynh Son village- the living place of local Tay people, witnessing their lifestyles, nice housestyles of wooden floors & yin-yang tilted rooves , and having talks with friendly locals.

Bac Son travel experience in Quynh Son village

Quynh Son village in Bac Son valley

Then we did a hard trek to Nalay peak (600 metters high compared with the ground) for a great panoramic overview of impressive Bac Son valley.We call it a hard trek due to slipery trekking route all the way up to the top of this mountain.In fact, the starting trekking point, its steep terrains & unevenly slipery steps are hard for your trekking up, then it will be better in later trekking routes up & down with firmly steps to conquer the summit.

Bac Son travel experiences -trekking route

Trekking steps to Na Lay mountain

The higher we trekked up, the more impressive the landscapes were until you reached the mount of this mountain where was erected with a mobile tower station.There, we negotiated with the moblile station’s guard to trek up on his tower for the whole view of the entire Bac Son region.Our host said that very nice view & beautiful photos we cound shot if we visited Bac Son in a right time- between May- June and  September -October when the rice changes its colors from green to yellow ( such a valuable local Bac Son valley travel experience to make our perfect journey in the coming time )

In fact, it is a hard trek but worth our efforts with stunning capitivation of picturque Bac Son valley – the impressive green paradise of surrounding forested peak-by-peak mountains, immensely green valleys of rice fields & scattered hamlets of local tribes, and a gentle river winding along the valley

Bac Son travel experience- impressive view of valley

Impressive view of Bac Son valley

It is indeed a hard trekking route of 3 hours ( two ways) so it is not for everyone.In rainy days, you’d better consider this trekking adventure.When you do this trek, it is better to do with the companion of your friend or your guide so you can support eachother well in every single step up or down.

After conquering the Nalay summit, we drove deep into Bac Son valley viewing more remote villages along the journey, we met other ethnic groups of Zao, Nung, Hmong in their colourful dresses.It could be good to make a few day journey to discover this untouched landscapes with interesting activities of trekking or cycling to other villages in the region !

We said goodbye to Bac Son valley at 6 p.m & transferred to Hanoi with a special emotion about its untouched natures & rich local cultures.Now we are confident with this in-hand Bac Son valley travel experiences and we’d love to share Bac Son’s beautiful landscapes with useful travel consultancy to any travellers interested in exploring off-beaten path Bac Son valley.

Bac Son travel experience- the view from the top

Conquering Nalay peak in Bac Son valley

You can visit Bac Son in a day tour or 2 day tour homstaying in a local family from Hanoi or you can connect your Halong bay trip or Ba Be lake tour with Bac Son area for unforgetable experiences.

In need of local travel support with Bac Son travel experiences, Bac Son valley tour, tourguide or transfer services to Bac Son area, feel free to contact us at with your detailed request, our travel team will soon reply you back with good consultancy and make you a right qoutation of good offers. We wish you an enjoyable holiday in Vietnam !

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