Viet Tri stadium - the venue chosen for men footballs of Group A during SEA GAMES 31

Viet Tri stadium - the venue chosen for men footballs of Group A during SEA GAMES 31

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam & cheer up your beloved football teams in the 31st SEA Games? If your football teams are in Group A, Viet Tri Stadium in Phu Tho province will be the venue for different matches of Group A. Coming to Vietnam, you may wonder how to get to Viet Tri Stadium? What to see in & out Viet Tri - Phu Tho province? Let's get this blog reviewed for the detail & well plan your trip to Viet Tri - Phu Tho

Viet Tri Stadium - the venue for the group A's men football competition in the 31st SEA Games

During SEA Games 31 Vietnam, the men's football teams are devided into 2 Groups. While different matches in Group B (Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia and Laos) will be held at Thien Truong Stadium, Nam Dinh province, Viet Tri Stadium in Phu Tho province will host different matches of Group A ( Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Timor Leste & Vietnam) taking place in coming May 2022.

With a capacity of nearly 18,000 seats, Viet Tri Stadium is a football stadium located in Viet Tri City, Phu Tho province (Hung Vuong Street, Tho Son Ward, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province)

Viet TRi stadium - men football group A

How to get to Viet Tri Stadium?

Viet Tri Stadium is located in the center of Viet Tri city, 50 km far from Noi Bai international airport, right after landing your flights, tourists & fans can easily move to Viet Tri stadium or your hotels in Viet Tri city in less than 1 hour drive following Noi Bai - Lao Cai Highway. The most convenient way is to book a private car Hanoi with driver in advance, so upon your arrival, the driver will follow your flight number, with your signed names, he can easiy pick you up & transfer directly to Viet Tri city. The cost is around 55usd - 75 usd/ one way (a sedan or SUV car) depending on your places of departure ( Noi Bai airport or Hanoi city). Please, contact us to arrange a private car rental  service your coming SEA Games journey.

What to see in & around Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province?

You have some free days between the matches while staying in Viet Tri city to cheer up your football teams, you may love to sightsee in & around Viet Tri city - Phu Tho province, right? Below are some highlighted attractions in Viet Tri city & other famous places in Northern Vietnam, Golden Holiday Travel would love to recommend you a visit while attending SEA Games event or Men Football Tournament in Viet Tri city.

Tourist Attractions nearby Phu Tho Province

1. Hung King Temples - the special National Historic Site

Hung Temple Complex is a special historical site in Vietnam,  a place to worship the Hung Kings who built the country - the sacred ancestors of the Vietnamese nation.Hung Temple is located in Hy Cuong commune, Viet Tri city - built on Nghia Linh mountain.The complex of Hung Temples includes: Ha temple,Trung temple, Thuong temple and Hung King's mausoleum, Gieng temple, To Mau Au Co Temple, Quoc To Lac Long Quan Temple. With a day break during SEA GAMES event, you can do some hikes to enjoy mountain views & get to know about Vietnamese culture & their belief !

2. Van Lang Park

Located in the center of the city, Van Lang Park is beautiful with spacious grounds, big lakes, nice golden bridge & green trees - the mustsee place when you travel to Viet Tri city. Strolling around the park to inhale the fresh air or choosing nice corner for great pictures is a nice way to memorize your moment here with your friends. While attending SEA Games 31, it will great to organize your stay in beautiful hotels overlooking this wonderful park

Van Lang Park- Viet Tri

3. Hung Vuong Museum

Right on Tran Phu street, on the lakeside of Van Lang park - the center of Viet Tri city, Hung Vuong Museum is like a "history in kind" attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world to visit, learn and discover unique and unique values about the history and culture of Vietnamese ancestral land.

3. Tam Dao mountains

In May, the weather in Northern Vietnam is a bit hot at the early summer. You may love to enjoy the cool climate in Tam Dao mountains, which is just 55km from Viet Tri city.

Tam Dao mountain has three peaks that rise up like three islands, which is instant with a sea of clouds flying around - which is really ideal place to escape the summer heat of low lands.The climate here is unique with four seasons in a day. The tiny, beautiful Tam Dao town with winding, zigzaging roads to reach and you can explore local temples, admire Silver Waterfall & do some wonderful hike to the hidden trails of Tam Dao National Park. You can easily explore Tam Dao mountain on a day tour with us from Viet Tri city or Hanoi city

Tam Dao mountains

4. Ba Vi national park

Ba Vi National Park is an off- the - beaten path attraction and an ideal place for nature lovers who would like to stay away from the crowd and enjoy the natural mountainscapes, cool & fresh air of forested high-mountain park, and the interesting legends of Vietnam 's foundation

Are you a nature lover? Would you like to explore the untouched natures of tropical forest & magnifient mountains? Ba Vi national park is well-known as the forest that embraces the three highest peaks of the Ba Vi mountain range: the King Peak, the Tan Vien peak and the peak of Ngoc Hoa. A day trip to Ba Vi National Park is a great escape to immense yourselves in the untouched natures & fresh air with solf treks to conquer those peaks..

5. Duong Lam Ancient Village.

You love rural life, interact with friendly locals and experience how an ancient village in the north of Vietnam look like? We suggest you a interesting day trip to visit Duong Lam ancient village,where are still available with many hundred-year-old maisons & symbolic items of a typical village in Vietnam

Duong Lam ancient village

Famous Places to visit in Northern Vietnam

1.Halong bay – the World UNESCO's natural heritage & the new world wonder

Halong bay ( the new natural wonder of the world) is located in the northeastern area of Vietnam and in 3.5 hour car transfer to reach from Viet Tri city on highway.Halong bay is famous for its natural setting of 3000 limestone islands & islets on the emerald sea water, with natural caves & beaches around.

What an impressive journey to view those islands in Halong bay, Bai Tu Long bay & Cat Ba island when you do your Halong bay cruises for a day tour, 2-3 day trip overnighting on the cruise! For exotic & less tourist travel routes, doing cruises to Bai Tu Long bay is a good choice you should plan to explore this attraction.

Halong bay cruise

2. Ninh Binh – the peaceful & relaxed voyage to enjoy the limestone mountain landscapes

Ninh Binh is 3 hour far from the center of Viet Tri city.She is endowed with impressive chains of limestone mountains, rivers & national park.Thanks to this craggy topography, Ninh Binh was ever chosen as the capital on Vietnam in 10th & 11th century ( Hoa Lu ancient capital) in Dinh and Le dynasty.Your trip to Ninh Binh will be a big miss if do not taking nice rowing boat tours to explore Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex, Tam Coc grottoes, Van Long nature reserve….

What a nice view of mountain setting along the rivers with cave system & rice fields you can capture during the boat journey.Also, for panoramic view of Ninh Binh city & splendid mountains, it is our suggestion to do a short trek with proper steps to Mua cave.It is actually worth your effort especially in the time of late April-early May ( the time when the rice changes its colour from green to yellow).More time you have, it is great to discover Cuc Phuong national park with soft & hard treks, staying around with forest nature, bird’s songs & relaxation.

Ninh Binh boat ride

3. Cat Ba island - a famous place for beautiful beach, bay & national park

Cat Ba island is rich in a number of natural habitats that are aquatic and terrestrial. Limestone forests, mangrove grass, seagrass, caves, swamp forests, beaches, and lagoons compose the island's biodiversity. This is the reason why Vietnamese authorities have designated a national park. Island's southern portion is the most populous and is known as a commercial location. Additionally, there are many lodgings, restaurants, and bars on this land. With a huge number of nature-based events, Cat Ba Island has turned into Vietnam's tourism hub.

Good opportunities for trekking and climbing in Cat Ba National Park, renting a kayak or booking half-day or one-day kayaking and diving trips, watching the sunset directly overlooking the nearby islands, and Lan Ha Bay at Cannon Fort.


4. Mai Chau , a pristine valley of authentic rural villages, gorgeous mountains & friendly people.

220km far from Viet Tri city, the idyllic, rural valley of Mai Chau is like a completely different world.The valley is evergreen with rice & corn fields and surrounded by gorgeous mountains.

The paddies and fields of the valley provides the main food for the people living there and elegantly change colour up to the seasons. In Spring, the fields are bursting with the bright, vivid green of the young plants. Over the Summer this gradually changes, the paddies turning into a sea of gold in the Autumn ( harvest time)

Mai Chau valley are populated by the White Thai ethnic groups but there are also some other ethnics in the region such as H'mong, Black Thai, Muong, Viet.... The villages are normally small and blend seamlessly with the environment. People mostly live in traditional houses on stilts, which are skillfully built using a combination of bamboo and timber with thatched roofs.The main trades in this undisturbed settling, weaving and farming, are now complemented by the tourism that the area attracts. The hospitality of the local families is one of the main charms of the area. The laid-back atmosphere of the environment seems to be an extension of the warm, easy going people that live there.

Trip to Mai Chau, you’ll find yourself getting lost in this natural & rural landscapes with green forests, gentle hills, and stilt-house villages; be a part of a culture, a way of life so different from where you’re from. Mai Chau is indeed the place for those who seek peace of mind, an escape from the bustling urban noises and come back to what are basic to human’s happiness – beautiful nature and people's friendliness.

Mai Chau valley

5. Pu Luong Nature Reserve - the valley of pictureque waterwheels

In a 4 hour drive from Hanoi city, Pu Luong is a spectacular nature reserve in Northern Vietnam with soaring limestone peaks, cascading waterfalls and deep green rice terraces dotted with ethnic Thai & Muong minority villages, who have inhabited in these parts for centuries. Pu Luong adventure in 2-3 days, it is interesting to join in scenic trekking routes along local villages to admire the mountainscapes and get to know local cultures.You can participate in rafting fun along streams & take pictures of waterwheels day & night feeding the water to the rice fields from the rivers.
Just be next to Mai Chau valley, local people in Pu Luong could plan two crops of rice in a year as well.Best times to visit are spring (March - May) or autumn (September to November), you can enjoy the pleasant time of good weather & best admiration of mountains, waterfalls, golden rice terraces & rustic villages in the region !

Pu Luong nature reserve

6. Hanoi - the capital & the second largest city in Vietnam

Your Sea Games Journey to Viet Tri city will be a big miss if you don't pay a visit to Hanoi capital, where you can experience well-preserved French colonial architectures, wonderful lakes, ancient pagodas & unique museums within the city center. As the second largest city in Vietnam, the streets are full of motorbikes & cars, you may get socked with the traffic culture at first but no worry, it is fine & you will soon get used to it & find it interesting to stroll around Hanoi Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem lake & French Quarter. What exciting places to experience the mixture of ancient & modern achitectures; get to know locals' daily life, and taste countless yummy street foods.....

Hanoi city-máusoleum

7. Ha Giang - the "heaven on earth" in Vietnam

If anyone asks me where is the most beautiful in Vietnam, I will definitely reply Ha Giang, the northernmost province in Vietnam.Far to reach from Viet Tri city in dangerous curving roads & high passes, Ha Giang is quite a less - touristy destination in Vietnam, where offers you spectacular views of marverlous Dong Van Geopark & stunning rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi.If you are skilful at driving motorbike, renting ones in Ha Giang city to conquer amazing high & winding passes & blow your minds with the heaven- on-earth beauty along Dong Van geopark.If you love adventure treks on the hidden trails along the forest, local hamlets & stepped rice fields, there are other places in Vietnam better than Hoang Su Phi and this adventure is not for anyone and should be well planned with a local travel expert so you can have a good support & lifetime experiences.

Tu San canyon - Ha Giang

8. Sapa - the cloudy town of stunning scenery & rich local culture.

Would you love to experience the clouds fly around you? Let's plan your Northern Vietnam trip to Sapa, the most beautiful highland town in Northern Vietnam.As a hill station built in early 20th century for their hot summer escape, Sapa is really a tourist hub in Vietnam & a place can't be missed in your Vietnam travel plan. Most travellers love Sapa because of Sapa's pleasant climate; amazing trekking routes to captivate beautiful scenery of mountains, rice terraces, local villages & streams; and of course, Sapa's cultural diversity of ethnic groups.
With those strenths, Sapa also experience the big crowd normally, especially in hot summer time.Trip to Sapa, you should make sure to book the service of hotels & transportation in advance in case of no service availability.In the summer of high season ( between June & August),Sapa is a popular escape destination for domestic travellers, which may hamper the authentic and original experience of the town.

Sapa trekking tour

Sapa - Vietnam

SEA GAMES Tours with Golden Holiday Travel

Hopefully, the above writting of Viet Tri Stadium & sightseeing places in & around Viet Tri city will be great of use for your references and plan well for your coming SEA GAMES Tournament in Vietnam. In need of travel services ( tour & car hire) to sightsee around, feel free to drop us emails to or whatsapp us +84.988451530 (whatsapp, viber), our travel experts will soon support you back with useful suggestions & consultancy.

Sea Game Tour Vietnam

See you in Vietnam SEA GAMES Competition !

Golden Holiday Travel Team

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