Vietnam Adventure Tours

Being endowed with beautiful natural landscapes of majestic mountains, pristine valleys, impressive waterfalls and tropical rained forests,Vietnam is really an ideal destination for adventure & nature tour lovers.

Biking Vietnam Tour to Mai Chau

Biking adventure to explore Mai Chau valley

Are you interested in trekking adventure? Joining us on off- the-beaten-path treks to Northeast & Northwest Mountain Vietnam, you can not only captivate the breathtaking mountainscapes, pictureque rice terraces & waterfalls; but also get a great insight of local ethnic groups' diverse cultures while trekking to or homestaying in their villages.

Adventure trek to conquer Bac Son valley- the green paradise

Are you the fan of the grotto exploration? Vietnam is also an amazing destination to discover the world's biggest grotto: Son Doong grottos & its hidden cave system in Phong Nha - Ke Bang Karst National Park, a UNESCO heritage recognized in 2003. Or Are you the lovers of water activities? Let's do kayaking in Halong bay or Lan Ha bay, great sites for kayaking/snorkelling adventure.....Let's see some of our pre-designed Vietnam Adventure Tours which are highly evaluated by our past clients below for the details.

Best Selected Vietnam Tour Adventure Tours to Northern Mountain Vietnam

Impressive Pu Luong Nature Reserve Trekking Tour
Are you a nature lover & photographer ? Are looking for a place of naturally beautiful scenery to escape & relax yourselves? Let's explore Pu Luong nature reserve with us on a 3 day journey from Hanoi. You will be absolutely blown away by the breathtaking scenery along the road, from the wide mountain range to the lush green fields, get a good sense of local daily life & their culture while hiking or homestaying in their village.......Let's come & experience....
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Are you nature lovers & photo enthusiast? Boat ride in Thac Ba lake & Mu Cang Chai Trek will be your ideal choice to captivate Thac Ba lake’s scenic landscapes and awesome Mu Cang Chai mountainscapes & its famous stepped rice fields. Let’s join us in 4 day Thac Ba lake – Mu Cang Chai Trekking Tour for your lifetime travel experiences.
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Highlighted Northeast Vietnam Adventure Tour
Are you planning a trip to Vietnam? You don't like touristic places and would like to admire primitively natural landscapes & explore authentic local cultures? Let's have this Northeast Vietnam Tour Package viewed for detailed reference and have special journey with us....!
Book Now From: Call 8 days/ 7 nights - private tour from Hanoi
Bac Ha market - Sapa - Mu Cang Chai Tour Package 5 days
You love to explore natural sceneries & authentic local cultures in beautiful & off-beaten- track destinations in Northern Vietnam, let's have a reference with our 5 day package tour to Bac Ha market, Sapa & Mu Cang Chai for your special holiday of life-time experience !
Book Now From: Call 5 days/4 nights - private tour from Hanoi
Sapa - Mu Cang Chai Tour 4 days
Sapa - the most scenic mountain landscapes in the northwest of Vietnam, Mu Cang Chai- the land of the most breathtaking rice terraces in the world.You can visit both of these destinations on our Sapa- Mu Cang Chai Tour 4 days with well-selected trekking routes for your journey of memorable experiences ! Let 's come & join us
Book Now From: Call 4 days/3 nights - private tour from Hanoi
Intensive Mu Cang Chai Tour 4 days
Famous for its impressive landscapes of unique rice terraces, Mu Cang Chai has become a chosen destination among adventure & photograph lovers.Carefully designed with off-beaten-path trekking routes, Intensive Mu Cang Chai Tour 4 day promises you a journey of life-time exploration of Mu Cang Chai's sceneries & its unique local cultures.Let's come & experience with us !!!
Book Now From: Call 4 days/3 nights - private tour from Hanoi
Mu Cang Chai trekking tour 3 days
Mu Cang Chai, a remote district in Yen Bai province, boasts some of the most breathtaking rice terrace landscapes, designated as a national heritage site in 2007. Visiting Mu Cang Chai provides the opportunity to admire these stunning terraced fields while enjoying scenic trekking routes that lead to high mountain slopes dotted with local ethnic villages. You'll also get a glimpse into the daily lives of the local people. Come and experience this awesome destination with us.....
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Bac Son valley day tour
Bac Son valley & trip to Bac Son for the ones who love adventures of trekking ,exploring primitive places of exotic landscapes & interesting native cutures!
Book Now From: Call 1 day - private tour from Hanoi
Pu Luong Nature Reserve Trekking Tour 2 Days
Pu Luong nature reserve trekking tour is a special journey to remote, peaceful & off - beaten- tracked villages. You will get impressive nature beauty of Pu Luong Nature Reserve, cultural exchanges with Thai & Muong ethnics when visiting their hamlets, eating local foods & homestaying in their house on stilts.
Book Now From: Call 2 days / 1 nights
Adventure Northwest Vietnam Tour
You are nature lovers & outdoor adventurers? You would love to stay away from touristic places and explore off-the-beaten-track attractions & authentic local cultures? Northwest Mountain Vietnam is a large mountainous areas of magnificient beauty viewing gorgeous mountains & valley in Sapa, Mai Chau, Son La, Dien Bien Phu & Lai Chau that could be a smart choice for your Vietnam Holiday. Let's have this 7 day Northwest Vietnam Adventure tour read for the details and go ahead with the adventure......
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Vietnam Trekking Tours to Sapa

Trekking adventure to Northwest Vietnam

Vietnam Adventure Tour Experiences with Golden Holiday Travel

As a local tour operator in Vietnam, Golden Holiday Travel provides different tour types : Vietnam Classic Tours, Special Requested Travel Experiences as well as Vietnam adventure tours to meet our clients' travel interest for their unforgetabe journeys of life-time experiences.Whatever trips we do, our travel team regularly inspect the destinations, efficient travel services & travel experiences, then create the detailed travel itineraries to make sure of our clients' memorable holidays.

Tour to Mu Cang Chai- Vietnam

Trips to Mu Cang Chai for scenic rice terraces

If you are adventure lovers and choose Vietnam for this adventure, feel free to drop us your travel plan, your places of interests, the activities you would like to experience to our email or contact us at+84 988451530 ( whatsapp, viber), our travel experts will customize your dream Vietnam Adventure for your best exploration of Vietnam.We wish you a Vietnam holiday of life-time experience !!!