Vietnam Kong Skull Island Tours

Vietnam Kong Skull Island Tours - Real exploration of Vietnam's exotic & natural landscapes in the latest King Kong film

After reaseaching hard for the best location to shoot "Kong Skull Island", the director Jordan Vogt Robert was obsessed with Vietnam's natural sceneries and decided to choose Vietnam as his shooting backgrounds of latest Kong Skull Island 2017.This blockbluster have just released to the public on 10th March 2017 and gained its positive reviews from the audiences.Most of people are amazed & curious at the movie's beautiful & natural shooting locations and planning their dream trip to Vietnam following the Kong movie.

Kong Skull Island -Halong bay

In our Vietnam Kong Skull Island Tours, we will unvail you Vietnam's beautiful destinations, at which Kong Skull Island was filmed, with wonderful discoveries of naturally exotic landscapes of magnificent limestone mountains, mysteriously hidden caves & spectacular sceneries in Ninh Binh, Halong bay & Quang Binh of Vietnam. They are is special journeys to explore the true beauty of Vietnam!

Our typical pre-designed Vietnam Kong Skull Island Tours

Below are our pre-created tours to shooting backgrounds in Vietnam.If only travelling to Northern Vietnam, you can join us in a trip ranging from 3days to 6 days exploring Hanoi, Ninh Binh & Halong Bay.More time for your vacation and you love to visit all Kong movie's locations in Vietnam, you can take part in 9-11 day trips to Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Quang Binh & Sai Gon. It is up to your group sizes, service levels, then the cost will be different, please, choose the Kong tour packages that you prefer with your available information, we will make a right qoutation with the best offer for you !

Ninh Binh Kong Skull Island Tour 2 days
From the latest movie of Kong Skull island on screen to real exploration of Ninh Binh setting locations in Kong blockbuster with our Ninh Binh trip to Van Long wetland & Trang An Complex.The trip promises you an excting journey of many interesting experiences....
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Kong: Skull Island Vietnam Tour to Ninh Binh & Halong bay
Kong Skull Island have just shown on the screen, have you seen it? Many poeple feel excted about the beautiful background of this new blockbluster, do know where were they shooted? From the sceen to the real trip, our 5 day Kong Skull Island Vietnam Tour will impress you exotic landscapes of northern Vietnam : Hanoi, Ninh Binh & Halong bay. Let's take part in our trip, we will make your dream come true .....!!!
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Kong Skull Island Halong bay

Customized Vietnam Kong Skull Island Tours

Depending on your travel plan of duration, visited places & budgets so you can choose any of our pre-designed Vietnam Kong Skull island tours which suit you the best. If you would like to do something different, please, detail us with with your travel request of interested places, the activities you are interested in to enquiry form, our travel team will support you with useful consultancy and customize you with Vietnam tours to Kong Skull island shooting locations of your expectation with good offers. We wish you an enjoyable trip & holiday in Vietnam.

Kong Skull Island Van Long

The cave in Kong movie

Halong bay in Kong movie

Natural Halong Bay

Halong bay sunset-Kong movie

Sunset in Halong bay