Vietnam Overview | Vietnam Travel Information

Vietnam Overview | Vietnam Travel Information

Vietnam is chosen as a popular destination in Southeast Asia among international travellers.Vietnam Overview will offer you a general look about Vietnam & its travel information

The overview of Vietnam- Useful Vietnam Travel Information

Vietnam has recently opened its door to the world and become an interesting destination for tourists worldwide. Exotic Vietnam is not only famous for its people’s warmth & their hospitabilty, for its safe destination of stable politics, but also for its long history, rich culture and customs of 54 ethnic minority groups. Morover, the country also attracts an increasing number of tourists yearly thanks to its pristinely natural & cultural landscapes with 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and many Intangible Cultural Heritages recognized by UNESCO, as well as the unique cultural values from the North to the South which contribute to an amazing and charming Vietnam.

Overview of Vietnam -Heritage map

Overview Vietnam map of world heritage sites

Vietnam area & its climate.

Vietnam is a part of the Indochina Peninsula and has its area of approximately 331,210 square kilometers.The country is beautiful with a diverse terrain of hills, mountains, continental shelf, and coasts that offer a lot of potentials for tourism development.Vietnam is similar to other tropical countries with its year-round tropical climate so it is normal to experience high temperatures, rain, and humidity all year around.Vietnam is home to a diverse ecosystem that makes it an attractive tourist destination. The terrestrial, marine, and wetland ecosystems of the country add to its charm and natural beauty.

Vietnam Overview-Bac Son

Vietnam Overview of Mountains in Bac Son area

Vietnam population & its culture

According to the World Population Report in 2010,the population of Vietnam is 89 millions, ranks 14th in the list of most populated countries in the world. Among the country’s population of 54 ethnic groups, the ethnic Kinh or Viet –the biggest one accounts for 86% of the total national population. The Kinh ethnic group lives in different parts of the country but mainly consider the cities, plains, and riversides as their home.Other ethnic groups such as the Thai, Nung, H’Mong, Chinese, Tay, and others, make up approximately 14% of the total population. Vietnam culture is influenced by Confucianism and Oriental Culture.

Vietnam Overview -Ethnic group

Vietnam Overview of ethnic groups

Vietnam landscapes & its heritages.

Endowed with a diverse topography of mountains, coast & plains; together with its regional unique cultures of the north, the center & the south, Vietnam is proud to be the location of many tangible & intangible UNESCO Heritages with 8 tangible World Heritage Sites & 10 intangible World Heritages recognized by UNESCO. The landscapes and cultures varied with new exploration whenever a visitor travels from south to north. These factors contribute to a mysterious and charming Vietnam.

Vietnam Overview for your vietnam holidays

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