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Warmly welcome to Vietnam - our beautiful country of long history, rich cultures & hospitable people !

Surely that Vietnam got its big name due to recent big & long wars with final victory against the United States.People knew much about Vietnam wars, but the war was no more in Vietnam since 30th April 1975 when the country got united between the north and the south.After over 30 years of carring out "Open Door" policy, Vietnam has gained rapid economic development with yearly GDP growth, bettered the people's living standards and maintained her politics stably.Nowadays, she is paying a great attention to tourism industry & travel service development.

Vietnam tour packages

Rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang

Travelling to Vietnam is becoming easier and easier thanks to many countries' direct flights connecting international airports in Vietnam's big cities : Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh with their good infrastructures.And from those cities, travellers can extend their exploration to other parts of Vietnam by buses, trains or domestic flights.

With a long coastal line,the country is bestowed with many beautiful beaches, deserted islands and scenic bays that you can spend your vacation with nice sunbaths, smimming or relaxing with nice sceneries on the bay cruises.Vietnam beach vacations are the right things to do in Vietnam in warm weather with beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc island, Con Dao island, Nha Trang & Da Nang....

Moreover, Vietnam is the land of many UNESCO's heritages scattered along the stretch of the country including cutural & natural heritages  such as Halong bay, Hoi An anicent town, My Son Sunctuary, Hue Imperial City, Phong Nha- Ke Bang national park, Trang An Scenic Landscapes..... so it will be great to admire those beautiful UNESCO sites in your Vietnam Tours packages which are flexibly designed to connect those heritage sites with other attractions on your Vietnam holidays.

Vietnam Tours to halong bay

Halong bay- Vietnam

Vietnam is also the nation of great cultural diversity with 54 ethnic minority groups, most of them are living in the highlands with their own cultures, house styles & languages.If you love magnificient landscapes of mountains & valleys; and are interested in authentic local cultures of ethnic groups, Vietnam should be your listed destination to explore.For this travel experience, you can have a good reference at our Vietnam adventure tour packages which are created with interesting travel itineraries of trekking, biking or homestaying in remote local villages - great ways to get to know local cultures and promise many outstanding photos and unforgetable travel experiences.

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As a local fully- licensed travel company with dynamic & experienced travel team, Golden Holiday Travel strongly focus on operating inbound Vietnam Tours for foreign tourists travelling to Vietnam.We try to privide useful information of Vietnam's attractions, its updated travel guides,interesting pre-designed tour packages on line and support our travellers with their travel needs: travel consultancy,travel route suggestions as well as travel services of cruise, hotel, guide, car rental, flight ticket, visa....

If you are travelling to Vietnam, in need of local travel support or customized Vietnam tour packages, don't hesitate to send us your detailed request of your travel plans, your loved activities to take part or your travel experiences you are expecting to our email, our travel consultants will promptly reply you back with useful suggestions & consultancy for the Vietnam trip of your expectation !

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