Vietnamese family cultures with beautiful values to preserve

Vietnamese family cultures with beautiful values to preserve

Vietnamese family cultures such as ancestral worshipping, children's respect & filial piety to parents, and love among siblings .... are notable family values to preserve and promote for your great insights of Vietnamese cultures.Let's read about those values in details and get sense of it when travelling to Vietnam.....

Beautiful values of Vietnamese family culture

Vietnamese family cultures are vitally important in Vietnamese traditional cultures.The unconditional love of parents to their children and the children's gratitudes & respects to their parents are clearly stated on those following verses & respectedly followed by Vietnamese people.

Công cha như núi Thái Sơn ( Father's good deed is as great as Thai Son Mountain)

Nghĩa mẹ như nước trong nguồn chẩy ra ( Mother's love is like water flowing from its source)

Một lòng thờ mẹ kính cha ( As children, ones must pay respect to their parents whole-heartedly)

Cho tròn chữ hiếu mới là đạo con. (As children, ones must fulfil their filial piety to their parents)

Family culture Vietnam

Family reunion in Lunar New Year Time

The important value of Vietnamese family culture is that children are expected to obey their mother and father. Every decision is made, and every turning point in life is marked with parents' consultancy.Children's arguments against parents are not accepted among Vietnamese community.

As children, we are deeply indebted to our parents who gave birth to our life, take care of us, guide us in every steps of our life and enrich our lives with their unconditional love and even with their sufferings.Think of sacrifices that parents made for upbringing and educating us, we will try our best doing well in school and working hard to please our parents.Parents must be very proud & honorable when their children are good & successful in life or doing great contribution to the society.

Family Culture Vietnam

Family photo with grand mother

Another beautiful value is " children's filial piety to their parents ".A child is deeply grateful to his parents for their help, favor and kind-ness; thus, he should hold his parents' dear.When his parents get older, he ought to prove his gratitude by taking care of them when they get sick and showing his solicitude for his parents. As an old-age tradition, Vietnamese elderly people never live by themselves or in nursing homes but with one of their children, usually their eldest son.This filial piety tradition is passed from generation to generation and become a unique, beautiful Vietnamese cultural feature.

One more notable culture among Vietnamese families is ancestor worshipping.Ancestor worship is popularly practiced in almost any Vietnamese homes, even in the homes of Vietnamese overseas.In every home of Vietnamese family, there is an altar erected on a special location of the house to worship & pay gratitudes to their ancestors - a good tradition to teach people about their origins.The eldest son will be resposible for this ancestral cult & taking care of ancestral tombs when the parents pass away.Any events of family such as wedding, house building or new year celebration, family members come to the ancestors' graves to invite them home to celebrate & witness those important events with the family members.

Vietnamese family culture - altar to worship ancestor

The family altar to worship the ancestors

The traditional family's beloved value is also reflected in the relationship between siblings in the family, younger siblings are required to respect and obey older ones.The eldest brother, the leader, is entrusted with a heavy responsibility that of substituting for the parents in case of emergency. Respect, concord and love among siblings are a token of happy and virtuous family. In Vietnamese culture, the notion of blood relationship is always imprinted in the mind of the Vietnamese. Being members of the immediate family and of the extended family, they are connected together by a strong sense of collective responsibility, loyalty and mutual obligation. Thus, they are expected to help one another, especially in difficult time.

Vietnam Tour to experience the cultures

Extended family reunion in Red Dzao Family

Vietnamese family culture in your trip to Vietnam.

We are happy to share you those beautiful family cultures in Vietnam and hope that we can preserve it well in this fast world- changing time. Trips to Vietnam, it will be great to indulge yourselves in rich Vietnamese cultures.You can join in a Vietnamese travel package which are specially designed with chances for you to interact with Vietnamese, homestay in their homes and enjoy their delicious home- cooked dishes.That could be a trip of memorable experiences and get to know more about beautiful values of Vietnamese family cultures. In need of local travel support & customized Vietnam tour program, feel free to email us your detailed request to or contact us +84.988451530 (whatsapp, viber), we are dedicated for your Vietnam vacation of memorable travel experiences.

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