What a memorable day adventure to Ba Vi national park

What a memorable day adventure to Ba Vi national park

We have just come back from a day break to Ba Vi national park, so impressed with its pristinely beautiful scenery and would like to share about our motorbike adventure day trip to Ba Vi mountains in this blog.....Hope it could be useful for your coming escape in Vietnam holiday.....

Ba Vi national park & our motorbike adventure to explore this hidden gem of Hanoi.

Ba Vi national park is famous as the forest that embraces the Ba Vi mountain range with the three highest peaks including the King Peak, the Tan Vien peak and the Ngoc Hoa one - the reason for its name ( Ba means three & Vi refers to mountain = Ba Vi means three mountains). The national park not only behold many mysterious legends about the founding of the nation but also is a beautiful world of rich flora & fauna systems. Golden Holiday Travel got a lot of travel requests from clients and operated many successful trips for them to explore Ba Vi mountains.But this trip was our own day journey on motorbike to get more sense & inspection about this hidden gem of Hanoi attractions.

Motorbike adventure to Ba Vi national park

Adventure journey on motorbike up to Ba Vi mountains

It was a sunny day of 30th April 2019 - Vietnam’s national holiday, we got on motorbike at 8h00 a.m and journeyed along NR32 about 50km from Hanoi capital to Son Tay town,then travelled along the direction of Suoi Hai lake for another 16km to reach the entrance of Ba Vi national park.From here, it was easy to see the white gray of three peaks blurred in the clouds with cool fresh air and feel the scent of the mountains & forests ( Ba Vi national park), we were really eager to adventure to this great place.

Gate to enter Ba Vi national park

Buying entrance tickets and enter the gate of Ba Vi national park

From the entrance to the garden, we slowly drove up to the direction of the mountain peaks following a slightly sloping and winding road.(Notes : As a foreign tourists,be careful with your drive on those winding & steep curves, especially when the road is wet & slipery).The higher and higher we ascended up, the more beautiful we could witness : a fantasy space of clouds, wind, birds singing in the forest, the lakes down the valley....The scenery on both sides of the road was very fantastic.One side was many tall ancient trees covered by the moss silky at the foot of the tree, another side was widely open to the valley, we could see clearly the blue sky, or even block of white crystal cloud of around the mountains far away.

The lake view from the park Ba Vi

The view of the lake from the fine forest's resort

We stopped between to visit bamboo and cactus forests with hundreds of species of grass and birds, exotic rare animals. The most unique are butterflies such as white dragon tail butterflies, papilio helenus butterflies, sword tail butterfly… From there, it was supposed to keep moving another 3km to the pine forest where was a great place to rest and have a picnic lunch that we well prepared before the journey.

Cautus forest in Ba Vi national park

Cactus forest &  cactus preservation center.

Journey continued with more high slopes and some bends to reach the base of 600 metters with an amazing stop to explore the French ruins including churches, villas and resorts….. that the French built nearly a hundred years ago and left in oblivion for long.Here, the blue moss on the fallen walls with the beauty of ruins among the ancient trees was worth to visit.

French ruined church in B Vi national park

The ruined church left by French in the park

Travelling 8km more up & up to the foot of Ba Vi mountain at the height of nearly 1,000m above sea level, we enjoyed really cool & fresh - perfect for our coming treks to conquer Ba Vi mountain’s peaks :The King Peak is the highest peak, up to 779 new stone steps to the top – where is located Uncle Ho’s temple. The second highest is Tan Vien peak up to 225 step to the top with a supreme temple, which is said to be the place of the holy Tan Son Tinh. The lower Ngoc Hoa peak is associated with the immortal legends and Ngoc Hoa Princess – the 18th King Hung Vuong king’s daughter. Despite a hard hiking journey to three peaks, everyone felt relaxed and peaceful when arriving at the top, when people and clouds came into each other, enjoying the scent of forest and captivating stunning landscapes of Red River Delta, Da river & far-away Hanoi capital.

View to Da river & its lowlands from the King Peaks

The view from the King Peak to Da river & its lowlands

Time flying fast in the afternoon in the forest, it’s nearly 5 p.m but the sky changed to its fuzzy purple mist.After tasting the bamboo rice and forest chicken, we bought some forest honey, bamboo shoots or pure milk cake as gifts of the mountain to bring to the city.

On motorbike down the mountain, then we followed the same road back to Hanoi, the trip was finished at 7h30 p.m with memorable feelings of Ba Vi mountains

Ba Vi mountain view

The view down the Red River Delta & Hanoi city

Explore Ba Vi national park with Golden Holiday Travel.

We hope that this blog about adventure day trip to Ba Vi national park on motorbike will delight you about Ba Vi mountains and its natural & historical values.If you are finding out an ideal place for the holiday outside of Hanoi, Ba Vi garden is absolutely great choice from Hanoi capital.In need of travel support or travel services : Ba Vi park day trip or car hire to Ba Vi mountains, feel free to contact us at +84.988451530 (viber, whatsapp) or drop us a request to goldenholidaytravel.vn@gmail.com, our travel consultant will support you at best for your coming Ba Vi trip.

We wish you great travel experiences in Ba Vi national forest

Golden Holiday Travel Team .

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