When is the ideal & best time to visit Ha Giang

When is the ideal & best time to visit Ha Giang

Are you planning an excursion to explore Ha Giang's pristine natures? Arm yourselves with useful travel guide on how to go there, where to visit & the right time to discover this highland for your wonderful adventures to explore less - known Ha Giang's attractions !!! Let's see when is the ideal time to pay your visit to Ha Giang on this useful blog...

Ha Giang adventure & when is the best time to visit Ha Giang?

Ha Giang is the land of many beautiful landscapes : Dong Van Geopark, Quan Ba Twin Mountains, Ma Pi Leng Pass….., also the residential areas of 16 brotherhood ethnics with their own cultural aspects & colorful traditional dresses. Travelling to Vietnam,if you are fond of natural untouched beauty and exploring authentic local tribal cultures, less known Ha Giang province should be listed as a must-see place in your Vietnam holidays. Doing trips to Ha Giang, many travel lovers wonder when is the best time to visit Ha Giang province? That will be essential information for your great exploration of Ha Giang beauty at its best and having unforgetable travel experiences in your Ha Giang adventure.

So when is the right time to plan your trip to Ha Giang in term of weather and natural beauty? 

Impressive beauty of Ma Pi Leng Pass - Dong Van Geopark

As a mountainous province in the northeast of Vietnam,Ha Giang climate is charaterized by two main seasons : rainy  & dry ones.Below are our share on Ha Giang weather & Ha Giang landscapes in different seasons in details.

Explore Ha Giang landscapes in rainy season “ from late April to early October”

The months from late April to early October are the time of rainy season.The weather in this time of year is normally hot & humid with constant rainfalls.Travelling to Ha Giang in this time, you feel sticky with humidity, wet with sudden rains & sometimes unsafe on the mountain roads of winding,slippery & narrow passes – popular with landslides after big rainfalls.However, after the rain, it becomes clearer for beautiful captivation of stunning landscapes : majestic mountains, green valleys & rice terraces on “falling-water time”- between the late of May & the starting of June.

Between May & June,local ethnics get rain water from the mountains pouring down to their rice terraces and start a new rice crop.How beautiful to see local farming activities on the rice stepped fields with buffalo ploughing,harrowing & planting on the slope terrains of high mountains.The rice terraces filled with water are like sparkling mirrors reflecting the sunset, the sunrise & the blue sky.What scenic landscapes to visit rice terraced fields of “falling-water”& “golden ripen- rice” periods.Exploring Ha Giang in this rainy season, you’d better check the weather forecast in advance.

Best time to visit ha Giang rice terraces

The view of rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi district - Ha Giang

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Ha Giang beauty discovery in dry season “ from early October to late April of next year”

The months between early October and late April are dry season of cooler climate & little rain.When it rains, it is not big shower like summer rains but little ones.The temperature is moderate & cooler down, you may sometimes experience snowing in high mountains in January or February.The time of dry season is considered as the ideal & best time to visit Ha Giang destination.

Ma Pi Leng Pass - Nho Que River

Ma Pi Leng Pass & Nho Que river

In early October, it’s the time when rice terraces change its natural colour from green to yelllow one, it is so beautiful to have stunning captures of stepped rice fields in their different golden layers down the valleys. Also, it is interesting to see local ethnics in their colorful dresses happily harvesting the rice, putting it on the sack and transporting it home .The best place to have the rice terraced landscapes in Ha Giang is in Hoang Su Phi district. You can connect your Sapa trip, Bac Ha market, then visit Hoang Su Phi rice terraces altogether.

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If you love trekking adventure, Hoang Su Phi is a nice spot for 4 day or longer off-the-beaten- path Hoang Su Phi Adventure Trek

Hoang Su Phi rice terraces - Ha Giang

The rice terraces  & Red Dzao ethnic in Hoang Su Phi area

Then between late October & early November, you are fascinated by puple & pink colors of buckwheat flowers blooming everywhere in Ha Giang.Buckwheat is considered as the symbolic flower in Vietnam’s northern mountainous regions and in its best beauty that you can only find in Ha Giang province.

In December, the valleys & foot hills of Ha Giang are standing out with yellow carpets of the kale flowers blooming, so scenic for your wonderful pictures.

Then it comes to the time of the sping “between January & April”, Ha Giang landscapes are full of life with the sping’s flowers blooming & at its fullest beauty on March.You can experience the most beautiful time of Ha Giang when peach & plum orchards bloom on its full scale with pink peach flowers & pure white plum flowers, along with its nice fragrance.This pristine natures surely fascinate & soothe your sense. Many wedding couples choose this time to Ha Giang for their most wonderful wedding photos or have a sweet honeymoon here. What a beautiful & romantic Ha Giang in the spring !!!

Yellow beauty of Kale Flowers in Ha Giang

Yellow kale follower in December

Together with impressive beauty of flowers & towering limestone mountains, trips to Ha Giang in the spring, you can join in many locals’interesting cultural festivals such as Chinese new year celerbration, buffalo fighting festival, house racing festival or special Khau Vai love market (organized just a day in a year – 26th  of lunar March falling on April).The festival of Khau Vai love market is a short time for lovers who could not have a perfect ending, they meet eachother again once a year in the market.

Best time for buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

Buckwheat flowers - the symbol of mountainous region in Vietnam

Ha Giang adventure with Golden Holiday Travel

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See you in Ha Giang, Vietnam.

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