Scenic Ninh Binh boat rides - the ideal way to admire Ninh Binh hidden beauty

Scenic Ninh Binh boat rides - the ideal way to admire Ninh Binh hidden beauty

You are planning a journey to Ninh Binh and do not know which boat ride route to take? Have this blog read for the details and plan well for your right boat tour to have good travel experiences in Ninh Binh

Explore Ninh Binh pristine nature of karst mountains & hidden caves on boat rides

Ninh Binh is likened as another Halong bay of Vietnam ( Halong bay on land) because this land possesses the same topography of karst limestone mountains beautifully set on lands that you surely feel impressed when travelling to this region of Vietnam.Trips to Ninh Binh, to contemplate this scenic limestone outcrops, you can do certain biking routes, trekking points for parnoramic views, and the best of it is taking part in typical rowing boat rides on rivers to admire untouched nature of limestone pillars and naturally beautiful caves . In this blog, we would like to share you the list of different Ninh Binh boat rides that you can put into consideration and plan well for your trip to Ninh Binh.

Differen boat rides in Ninh Binh for your choice( from popular boat routes to less tourist destinations)

1 Trang An Ecotourism Complex : the UNESCO's mixed cultural & natural heritage

Trang An is considered as the top must- visited place in Ninh Binh for its natural beauty of mountain & systems of many caves.That is why Trang An was listed as the UNESCO’s mixed natural & cultural heritage in 2014 and also chosen as one of  Ninh Binh setting locations of latest King Kong movie.Trang An boat ride is well organized with professional services.Due to this fame, it is understandable that Trang An has become quite touristic & the most busiest boat ride route in Ninh Binh.

There are two different boat rides, you can read this article and choose the route of your interest.

Boat ride in Trang An Scenic landscapes

2. Tam Coc  (three caves) - the symbolic photo of golden rice fields along the mounation coming from this spot

Tam Coc means three caves : Hang Ca ( the first cave), Hang Hai (the second cave) & Hang Ba ( the third cave).Tam Coc boat ride offers you chances to admire the naturally hidden caves and beautful ricefields along untouched karst mountains.The rowing boat is operated by local rowers so you can experience how they skilfully paddle by legs.Please, read more about some scams in Tam Coc so you can easy to avoid in this blog about Trang An & Tam Coc boat rides.For the best photos of Tam Coc of golden ricefields along the mountain setting, you can plan your trip and do Tam Coc boat ride in late May & early June.Thanks to this special beauty, Tam Coc is a quite touristic travel spot in Ninh Binh as well

Tam Coc boat ride

3. Van Long nature reserve - the setting location of latest King Kong movie.

Van Long is the biggest wetlands in the north of Vietnam – the living place of many local & migrating birds and special Delacour’s langurs ( monkey of black head & white tail) living naturally in mountains.We call this wetland Van Long nature reserve which is well protected by the Government. Van Long boat row is less touristic along the bushes of reeds, lotus trees ,mountain landscapes, one natural cave exploration and viewing the birds flying around.Really quiet & relax in 1,3 hour boat trip with friendly locals here. You can view top 7 reasons for a boat ride in Van Long nature reserve

Van Long Nature reserve

4. Thung Nang valley : the valley of sunshine amist geogous forested mountains.

Thung Nang is the pristine valley surrounded by beautiful mountain shapes.Doing the trip in early morning or late afternoon, you can admire the sun ray coming through the mountain tops, which makes the scenic scenery and the name for this travel spot : Thung Nang ( the valley of sunshine). Thung Nang boat ride is untouristic than above mentioned places and offers you quite a nice captivation of mountains, immense valley of lotus trees & wild natures and two caves

5. Thung Nham Bird Sunctuary : the pristine resort of fruitful gardens & scenic boat rides

Thung Nham is also a big valley surrounded by mountains  and has now been developed as a resort with sightseeing places to fruit gardens, Vai Gioi cave, bird sunctuary & Buddha caves, with restaurants & hotels so that you can both visit the landscapes and overnight here.There are  two boat rides in this resort you can participate in : boat ride to Buddha cave where you could see a typical stalagmite looking like a huge statute of Buhhha with big belly. Another boat ride is for your closer view of Bird Sunctuary- you should go in late afternoon or early in the morning for the full view of thoudsands of birds hanging around in this certain corner of the valley.

6.Thien Ha Grotto - the cave of outstandingly natural beauty & less tourist boat tour

Thien Ha or Galaxy is a really new & beautiful grotto recently founded on Tuong mountain. It is a long grotto including a dry cave & a water one. You will take a boat ride from Nha Le pier along rice fields and Tuong mountain in 30 minutes, then visit Thien Ha cave by walking & boating, the stalagmites & staclatites in this cave are really beautiful in various unique forms- giving the feeling of being lost in the fairy lands.For this boat ride, you can extend your journey to Buddha cave & Bird Sunctuary in Thung Nham valley  (one boat ride for two destinations, surely that the fare is higher than just  boat ride in Thien Ha cave)

Thien Ha cave by boat

7.Kenh Ga- the authentic boat ride to view local farming & fishing activities.

Kenh Ga is also the wetland surrounded by mountains. Different with other rowing boat ride, boat trip in this areas is running by engine ( quite noisy but faster view of the region) along the river, you can see locals fishing, farming & local villages.It is less tourist area giving the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere.Now this area is closed to invest with better services and will be soon opened in the future. We will update this news in the time to come.

Scenic Ninh Binh boat tours with Golden Holiday Travel.

As a local travel company, we would like to share you the typical Ninh Binh boat rides with the hope that it could do some help for your trip to Ninh Binh. In need of local travel support of consultancy & suggestions or travel services of Ninh Binh tours or private car hire Hanoi to Ninh Binh, feel free to drop us an email to or contact us at +84.988451530 ( viber, whatsapp, sms), our travel experts will promptly reply you back and consult you with the suitable travel itinerary.

Best wishes and big fun for your trip in Ninh Binh, Vietnam !

Golden Holiday Travel Team 

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