Ba Vi National Park Day Tour

Are you a nature lover? Would you like to explore the untouched natures of tropical forest & magnifient mountains? Ba Vi national park is well-known as the forest that embraces the three highest peaks of the Ba Vi mountain range: the King Peak, the Tan Vien peak and the peak of Ngoc Hoa. A day trip to Ba Vi National Park is a great escape to immense yourselves in the untouched natures & fresh air with solf treks to conquer those peaks.......
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Overview of Ba Vi National Park Day Tour

Ba Vi national park is an off- the - beaten path attraction and an ideal place for nature lovers who would like to stay away from the crowd and enjoy the natural mountainscapes, cool & fresh air of forested high-mountain park, and the interesting legends of Vietnam 's foundation.Ba Vi National Park Day Tour is surley your right choice to escape shortly from the bustles and hustles of the big city ( the noise, pollution & big population) to a peaceful and natural landscapes of tropical forest & mountains in the national park.

Ba Vi national park- view from the top peak

The impressive view of Da river & lowland from King Peak

The journey with healthy hikes through the jungles to conquer the peaks offers you chances to be close to the nature, to relax & to have an impressive captivation of surrounding lowlands.Moreover, you will get to know about the history of Vietnam during French time by visiting French Ruined Area, about Ho Chi Minh's life & his last testament while calling on his simple temple on King summit, and about mountain saint (Tan Vien) in Vietnam's legend of founding its nation when trekking up to Tan Vien temple & its peak.

Special highlights of this Ba Vi mountain day trek.

  • Great hideaway from the city's noise to peaceful and beautiful natures of mountains, wateralls, rivers & forest in Ba Vi National Park
  • Relax yourselves in soft trek exersices to conquer famous summits in Ba Vi mountains
  • Get to know about more about Uncle Ho with his simple wishes when visiting Uncle Ho Temple; about native belief of Vietnamese people with a trek to visit Tan Vien summit and its old temples there.

The gate to enter Ba Vi national park

Ba Vi national park's entrance

More photos of Ba Vi mountain landscapes.

A nice day of great view in Ba Vi mountains

A nice day of stunning landscapes in Ba Vi garden

Trek to King Peak & visit to Uncle Ho temple

Trek to King peak & pay a visit to Uncle Ho temple

The view of surrounding area from Ba Vi mountain

An ncie capitavation of surrounding landsacpes from Ba Vi mountain

The detailed program of Ba Vi National Park Day Tour

At 8h30,our driver & tourguide will pick you up at the hotel and start our 50km journey to the western part of Hanoi and 12km curving road of thick forest ,we will get the protected area of Ba Vi National Park.

Ba Vi National Park Day Tour5

The view from Tan Vien Summit

At 10h00. We will trek  45 minutes steps by steps into the jungle and reach the King Summit, the highest peak (at 1296 metters) in Ba Vi Mountain ranges.It is great to have an impressive outlook of surrounding areas with majestic lower mountains, layers of vegetations, curving Da river & immense Red River delta.It is like a vivid picture that you can catch into your view if the weather is clear. More interestingly, you can pay a visit to a beautiful temple on the top of the peak, dedicated to Uncle Ho, the great national hero of Vietnam.It is said that when President Ho Chi Minh was still alive, he wished to be cremated when he passed away.The ashes would be divided into three parts evenly shared between the north, the centre and the south of Vietnam.The peak of Ba Vi mountain was said as the place that Uncle Ho wished his ashes to be sprayed out in the north of Vietnam.That was why our government decided to build a temple to worship our great father there in 1999. You can pay a homage to the nation's great leader, relax with fresh mountain air and learn about his revolution cause for our nation’s independence and freedom.

Ba Vi National Park Day Tour4

The entrance to Tan Vien Peak

Then, we slowly trek down to the parking site, have a picnic lunch and relax for a while before another steeper trekking route.

Afternoon, we are leisurely trekking up to Tan Vien summit at 1226 metters high.This route is steeper with more steps and we reach to the temples worshiping the God of Mountain- Tan Vien and the mother goddesses – the native belief of Vietnamese culture. Continue with over 100 steeper steps more to the top of mountain,you can visit a temple to worship the Goddess of Heaven.You can pray, make your own wishes  and open you view to magnificent landscapes around. How rewarding the trek brings you all!

Ba Vi National Park Day Tour6

Temple to worship Heaven Goddess

After a moment break, we get down and take the car back to Hanoi. Finish a nice trek in Ba Vi National Park Day Tour. See you in another trip with Golden Holiday Travel

Price: Call.
Single supplement: usd.

Tour package includes:

• Private car transfer with driver.
• English speaking tourguide following the travel itinerary.  
• Picnic lunch as indicated in the itinerary  
• Entrance sightseeing fees of mentioned visiting places

Tour price excludes:

•  Pre & post trip accommodation.  
•  Personal expenses ( drinks, shopping....)
•  Tips and gratuities to tourguide & driver
•  Travel insurance.

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