Ninh Binh day trip to Tam Coc caves & Van Long nature reserve

You are planning a vacation to Hanoi, Vietnam and would like to enjoy untouched natural landscapes & the setting location of latest Kong Movie? Let's explore Ninh Binh with us in this day trip to Tam Coc grottoes & the wetland of Van Long......
From: 50 $ 1 day - private tour from Hanoi

Overview of Ninh Binh day trip to Tam Coc caves & Van Long nature reserve from Hanoi

Ninh Binh is a famous tourist destination in Vietnam as the ancient capital of the country in the 10th & 11th century, as the land of biggest pagoda in South East Asia ( Bai Dinh pagoda), as the land of UNESCO's cultural & natural mixtured heritage ( Trang An Scenic Landscapes), recently as the chosen location for the setting background of the latest Kong Movie "Kong: Skull Island". You are doing the right choice paying a visit to Ninh Binh & join us in this Ninh Binh day trip to explore the pristine natures of Tam Coc & Van Long area on pleasant rowing boat tours enjoying natural landscapes of limestone pillars & natural caves along the river. Moreover, in this trip, you will have a leisure biking tour along scenic background of mountains & local villages and pay a visit to Bich Dong pagoda -the ancient one set up inside the cave, which offer you great insights of locals' daily life & their Buddhist practices and panoramic view of the region while hiking up to the pagoda.

Type of tour : Private Day Tour from Hanoi

Vlog of Van Long nature by Deo Wanders on his trip with Golden Holiday Travel

Travel map route of this Ninh Binh day trip from Hanoi.

The highlights of this Ninh Binh day excursion.

  • Pleasant escape from your daily routines of the city's life to peaceful and pristine natures of mountains, caves & forest in Van Long nature reserve & Tam Coc area
  • Relax yourselves in a rowing boat trip to view hundred types of birds, pheasants, herons & possibly the delacour's langurs - the most endangered primates in the world in Van Long wetland
  • Healthy biking trip leisurely travels along wonderful setting of mountains & local villages.
  • Exercise with a light hiking up to visit local Bich Dong Pagoda & be rewarded with impressive view of the region.

Video of this trip

Rowing boat trip in Tam Coc

Boat ride in Van Long nature reserve

The detailed travel itinerary of Ninh Binh day trip to Tam Coc & Van Long nature reserve.

At your prefered time, our guide & driver pick you up at your hotel and transfer to Ninh Binh.After 2 hour drive, we arrive in Tam Coc habour and board a private rowing boat to enjoy the picturesque limestone mountain setting along Ngo Dong river with nice rice fields on both of its sides and to view beautiful caves ( three caves) of sparkling stalactites hanging down from the ceiling.It is nice to do in the morning when many tourists from Hanoi do not arrive yet, just you with the sound of paddles rowing, pristine natures of mountains and rice fileds.

Day trip in Ninh Binh

Tam Coc landscapes

After stunning Tam Coc (three caves), we do a short bike of 6km round trip along the background of majestic mountains & local villages.We have stops between for photos and a visit to Bich Dong Pagoda (regarded as the second nicest cave in Vietnam),trek up to pray Buddha & enjoy the panoramic view of whole regions.

Cave in Van Long

The cave in Van Long nature reserve

Then we have a lunch of local Vietnamese dishes in a local restaurant. After the lunch, proceed to Van Long nature reserve – a famous setting location of the latest Kong Movie “ Kong: Skull Island”.Compare with Tam Coc, Van Long wetland is less touristic and famous for its primitive landscapes of limestone outcrops & natural caves in the the largest wetland area in the north of Vietnam.You will do a private rowing boat tour around the area to contemplate the scenery and view hundred kinds of birds, storks, silver pheasants, swampy herons and sometimes the Delacour's langurs (one of the most endangered primates in the world) strolling around on mountains for foods in this nature reserve.

After this nice boat journey, we meet our driver and transfer back to Hanoi.Our trip is finished at the doorsteps of your hotel. See you in your next trip to Vietnam !

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The cost of this Ninh Binh day trip

The price of this trip varies depending on the number of people in your party, dates of departure, and availability of ground services. Please click on this contact form and supply the required information, enabling us to send you your personalized quote within 24 hours!

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The inclusions of this Ninh Binh day tour

  • Tourguide & private transfer with driver following the program.
  • Private boat tours in Tam Coc & Van Long nature reserve.
  • Sightseeing entrance fees following the itinerary.
  • Biking tour to visit the surrounding areas in Tam Coc & Bich Dong pagoda.
  • A lunch of local Vietnamese foods
  • A bottle of mineral water/person/day

The exclusions of this Ninh Binh day trip  

  • Personal expences, drinks, tips to any good service ( guide, driver, boat rower), travel insurance, extra-travel program….
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