Sapa day trek to Ban Khoang - Ta Giang Phin villages and Love waterfall

Are you planning a trip to Sapa and you would love to experience less frequent Sapa travel routes with authentic local villages & nice landscapes? Please, have this Sapa day trek to Ban Khoang - Ta Giang Phin villages & Love Waterfall reviewed for the details and plan your Sapa trip of great memory.........
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General information of Ta Giang Phin-Ban Khoang villages & Love waterfall day Sapa trek.

Travelling to Sapa is a popular choice among tourists making the trip to the north of Vietnam and you can easily do the trips from Hanoi by  highway roads or by rails with overnight trains.As the result, Sapa has become so touristic in recent few years.Trips to Sapa, you would like to stay away from touristic places and experience less frequent travel routes with treks to untouched local villages, getting to know authentic local daily life, and admiring stunning natural landscapes?

Ban Khoang villages

Ban Khoang village

We would like to recommend you this Sapa day trek to Ban Khoang, Ta Giang Phin villages & Love waterfall, you will enjoy different hidden Sapa corner – lesser known among travellers & less frequent Sapa trekking route to Ban Khoang - Ta Giang Phin hamlets of Black Hmong & Red Dzao tribes who live their unique way of life and maintain their traditional values well, you will experience their scenic villages and authentic local cultures.Morever, this travel route offers you a beautitul admiration of natural sceneries : O Quy Ho Pass, Hoang Lien National Park & Love waterfall.

Love waterfall - Sapa trek

Love waterfall - Sapa

The highlights of this authentic Sapa day trip to Ban Khoang-Ta Giang Phin villages & Love waterfall.

  • Stay away from touristic Sapa travel routes and take part in off-the-beaten treks to Ban Khoang- Ta Giang Phin villages & Love waterfall.
  • Meet friendly local ethnics in their traditional dresses and experience their authentic daily life : simple houses on stilts & its bamboo fences, rice terraced cultivation, and interesting interaction with them.
  • Admire majestic landscapes of mountains & valleys while driving and trekking down to Ban Khoang & Ta Giang Phin villages, especially Ngu Chi Son Peak ( 5 mountains erecting to the sky likend as 5 Buddha’s fingers mountain).
  • Enjoy the tranquil trek thru Hoang Lien national park to contemplate the lovely beauty of Love waterfall & its surrounding natures of forested mountains.

More photos of this Sapa day trip.

Sapa - Ta Giang Phin

Local ethnics on Ta Giang Phin village

Ta Giang Phin house

Local daily life & architecture in Ta Giang Phin

Ta Giang Phin photos with locals

House & ricefield reinforced by stones

Family visit in Ta Giang Phin

A visit & talk to a local family near their cosy kitchen in Ta Giang Phin

Love waterfall-Sapa

The view enroute to Love waterfall

Love waterfall - Sapa trip

The beauty of Love Waterfall

The detailed travel itinerary of this Sapa day visit to Ban Khoang- Ta Giang Phin villages & Love waterfall.

At your prefered time, our private car with driver & local tourguide will pick your group up at the hotel in Sapa town and drive along scenic mountain & valley landscapes.Stop between for good captures of Ban Khoang valley & its village from the top hill point.

Stop for a hike to visit Ban Khoang village of Black Hmong & Red Dzao ethnics, experience their daily life, lifestyle & interact with the children in the school.Spend over an hour walking to explore this remote village for a brief understanding of local life.

Ban Khoang village

Ban Khoang village

Then,meet driver en route and proceed to Ta Giang Phin village for a peaceful trek down & up Ta Giang Phin valley where you will meet friendly locals of Black Hmong. The trek is in 2,5 hours and good for your great insight of locals’ lifestyles & their culture. If you love, our guide can take you to visit a local home, you can have a talk to them and better understand their authentic culture.In a clear day, it will be great to admire a stunning view of Ngu Chi Son Summit - the second highest mountain in Sapa.

Sapa - Ta Giang Phin

Photo on Ta Giang Phin Bridge with locals

Have a picnic lunch en route.

Continue transferring to Love waterfall for a nice hike along Hoang Lien national park and contemplate the magnificient beauty of Love waterfall.

After the hike, meet the car & driver and travel back to your hotel. The trip is finished when you are at the doorsteps of your hotel.

Price: Call.
Single supplement: usd.


  • Private car transfer with driver.
  • Local tourguide of English speaking.
  • Entrance sightseeing fees.
  • Picnic lunch.
  • Pick-up & drop-off in your hotel in Sapa town.


  • Tips to driver & guide ( 10-15 usd/journey to guide, 7-10usd/journey to driver).
  • Online payment fees.
  • Drinks & personal expences.
  • Hotel's rooms.
  • Extra travel routes..
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